In Memoriam

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of July 2019

Richard E. Escamilla, 54 Power Construction and Maintenance
Yolanda Quezada, 71 Customer Service Division
Julius R. Rondez, 70 Information Technology Services
Luella Becken, 90 Water Operating Division
Diana M. Cates, 75 Customer Service Division
Herman A. Cuellar, 82 Power Design and Construction
Patrick J. Ennis, 83 Energy Distribution Supply
Ricardo Espinoza, 83 Stores
Charles Frazer, 84 Water Operating Division
Edith S. Furst, 90 Customer Service Division
Sheryl L. Gordon, 64 Engineering Services Division
James C. Greer, 86 Power Construction and Maintenance
Harry W. Helfrich, 85 Power Construction and Maintenance
Willie L. Jones, 72 Environmental Affairs
Cleophas McAlpin, 84 Power Design and Construction
Charles A. Palmersheim, 76 Energy Support Services
Pablo S. Poticar, 83 Power Construction and Maintenance
Michael G. Schindler, 93 General Services
Randall T. Swenson, 77 Water Resources – Aqueduct
Dolores M. Toscano, 74 Power Distribution
John K. Whitney, 74 Water Distribution
Lee R. Williams, 95 Water Operating Division

Retirements: July – September 2019

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive  and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

July 2019

Adams, Samuel T. Power Transmission and Distribution
Armstrong , Douglas A. Power Transmission and Distribution
Behrens, John A. Integrated Support Services
Bragg, Charles M. Power New Business
Brown, Alexander L. Office of Sustainability
Cahill, Roy S. Aqueduct
Campbell, Eric C. Finance and Risk Control
Castruita, Jess M. Water Distribution
Chang, Kathy K. Supply Chain Services
Chavez, Arturo Metering Services and Field Operations
Cole, Roy L. Information Technology Services
Cordova-Todd, Teresa J. Customer Billing
Davis, Arfield E. Information Technology Services
Fernandez, Arleen V. Metering Services and Field Operations
Foster, Scott W. Integrated Support Services
Fox, Dennis W. Power Supply Operations
Gonzalez, Raul M. Labor Relations
Govea , Francisco V. Information Technology Services
Horvath, Carl M. Underground Street Utility Coordinator
Ives , Fred W. Fleet Services
Jackson, Rachelle Business Support Services
Jensen, Sherman E. Water Operations
Jones, Stanley D. JFB Facilities Management
Kehrmeyer, Steven R. Underground Street Utility Coordinator
Mackinnon, Paul R. Water Operations
Mills, David A. Metering Services and Field Operations
Mohammad, Svetlana A. Customer Service Division
Montano, Daniel Water Distribution
Moschos, Barbara E. Commission Office
Nguyen, Thuthuy C. Information Technology Services
Nixon, Lesleigh Power Supply Operations
Olvera, Alejandro Water Distribution
Powell, Pamela S. Metering Services and Field Operations
Raftevold, Daniel S. Water Operations
Reddix, Kimberly E. Customer Service Division
Roberts, Boyd H. Integrated Support Services
Rubio, David J. Power Transmission and Distribution
Rudder, Tim L. Water Operations
Sistoni, Frederick B. Business Support Services
Tapert, Kenneth W. Power Transmission and Distribution
Van Wagoner, William T. Water Engineering and Technical Services
Vargas, Larry A. Water Operations
Woo, lnju A. Customer Service Division

August 2019

Abenoja, Aristotle R. Metering Services and Field Operations
Adams, Kenneth G. Water Operations
Bondio, John V. Power Safety and Training
Boyd, Richard C. Power Safety and Training
Bruce, Robert F. Water Distribution
Cruz, Irma A. Marketing Director
D’Artois, Melanie C. Power Supply Operations
Detamore, Westley A. Metering Services and Field Operations
Dodgin, Sylvia Aqueduct
Dominguez, Deborah T. Power Transmission and Distribution
Garcia, Alma T. Public Benefits
Gornick, Lance H. Power Transmission and Distribution
Grosvenor, Steven H. Water Distribution
Hartman, Eric C. Underground Street Utility Coordinator
Isenhower, Michael A. Power New Business
Joaquin, Anneli M. Accounting and Finance
Navarrete,  Joe I Power Supply Operations
Rodriquez, Elizabeth Supply Chain Services
Rowbotham, John M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Sakuda-Campbell, Lynette L. Customer Billing
Sarkany, Lynn M. Bulk Power Business Unit
Scrivens, Glen R. JFB Facilities Management
Smith, Curtis W. Integrated Support Services
Stone, Aaron L. Power Transmission and Distribution
Strauch, John R. Integrated Support Services
Torres, Diane M. Supply Chain Services
Toy, Robert C. Information Technology Services

September 2019

Adams, John L Power Supply Operations
Ardalan, Sanjar Integrated Support Services
Bayer, Daniel E. Water Operations
Bromley, Randy S. Power Transmission & Distribution
Burnley, Melanie S. Fleet Services
Cabarrus, George M. Equal Employment Opportunity Services
Campbell, Marvin W. Power Supply Operations
Carrasco, Mary L Customer Service Division
Crook, Jon M Power Supply Operations
Cruz, Carlito L Fleet Services
Davidian-Garfy, Noric Underground Street Utility Coordinator
Dessert, David M. Power Supply Operations
Dimacale, Maria A. Water Distribution
Garcia, Aureliano M. Power Supply Operations
Gastelum, Aurora Customer Service Division
Gentallan, Rosario P. Integrated Support Services
Giles, Patricia Information Technology Services
Gonzalez, Richard R. Power Construction & Maintenance
Gordon, Darlene M. Supply Chain Services
Gutenberger, John D. Power New Business
Jackson, Margaret Customer Service Division
Joe, Henry H. Metering Services
Jones, Troy D. Business Support Services
Lim, Yin F. Underground Street Utility Coordinator
Miller, Virginius N. Water Operations
Morris, Robert D. Integrated Support Services
Parker, Dannie R. Fleet Services
Reynoso Jr, Jesus Business Support Services
Sanchez, Rolando P. Underground Street Utility Coordinator
Tabamo, Eleazar D. Finance And Risk Control
Tokashiki , Robert S. Water Operations
Toon, Gary S. Power Operations and Maintenance
Turner, Sherri R. Office of Sustainability
Wang, Rose M. Underground Street Utility Coordinator