Retirements: February-March 2021

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of February 2021

Abston, Robert W Power Supply Operations
Austin, Richard E Labor Relations (HR)
Bauman, Terri Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Black, Victoria E Customer Service Division
Brkic, Ferdo Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Brown, Darryl H Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Carivau, Jeff L Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Cheung, Daisy M General Manager’s Office
Finnigan, Michael J Fleet Services (OSS)
Gerrard, Christopher C Supply Chain Services
Gibbs, Gary G Its Division Office
Gillis, Paul R Water Engineering & Tech
Gray, Alison L Its Division Office
Hasan, Kenneth F Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Hidalgo, Frank J Fleet Services (OSS)
Johnson, Arthur D Power Trans & Distr
Kavounas, Peter Water Resources
Leflore, Patrice M Customer Service Division
Loper, John M Fleet Services (OSS)
Lopez, David G Water Distribution
Mascolo, Mario M Power Trans & Distr
Mcculloch, Daniel W Power Supply Operations Bu
Milton, Stephanie R Customer Service Division
Morales, Edmundo R Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Newlee, Chad E Power Safety & Training
Padovano, Georgienna D Security Services
Rapko, Darin M Power Trans & Distr
Ribelin, Robert E Power Supply Operations
Rodriguez, Jesus H Water Distribution
Romero-Fuentes , Sonia M Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
San Agustin, Oscar S Power Supply Operations
Shaw, Cynthia S ITS Division Office
Silva, Linda M Supply Chain Services
Singh, Leslie E Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Slatterbeck, Brian L Power Trans & Distr
Sullivan, Michael S Power Executive Office
Syed, Naimuddin Bulk Power Business Unit
Tiscareno, David Water Engineering & Tech
Tolentino, Hipolito N * Water Quality
Trammell, Craig D Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Trevino, Elizabeth A Human Resources
Walker, Belinda D DIVISION NAME
White, Brian A Water Quality
Woodson, Matthew R Energy Generation
Zigtema, Bruce E Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Zimmerman, James K Power Supply Operations

 As of March 2021

Abrahamson, Derek J Power Supply Operations
Adajar, Grace C Retirement Plan Office
Ancheta, Glecy T ITS Division Office
Anderson, Sheryl D Water Distribution
Autrey Jr., Benjamin L Water Distribution
Avila, Michael Water Distribution
Bell, Dwayne W Power Trans & Distr
Berkley, Cherrie L JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Broyard Sr, Kirk M Water Distribution
Bui, Gracela P Customer Service Division
Cayot, Fredrick L Water Distribution
Chenore, Carolyn E Customer Service Division
Congdon, Edward A Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Daughtry, David W Power Supply Operations
Dubriel, Mary J Customer Service Division
Fisher, Derrick S Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Gendjian, Hovhannes B Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Gonzalez, Jose A Power Trans & Distr
Grier, James R Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Hansen, Rolland M Power Trans & Distr
Harris, Evan D Power Safety & Training
Hilario, Elmer A Power Supply Operations
Holzschuh, Mark D Water Operations
Hsu, Chiun-Gwo S Water Resources
Ignacio, Mario C Finance and Risk Control
Kennedy, Mark A Water Distribution
Leonard, Deborah A Power Executive Office
Miguel, Edison V Power Supply Operations
Nagel, John B Power Trans & Distr
Otis, Michael M Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Pineda, Jorge L Water Operations
Primera, Javier F Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Rezamand, Mohammad Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Samaniego, Francisca I Customer Service Division
Seielstad, Michael G Fleet Services (OSS)
Trombley, David F Jfb/Facilities Mgmt
Tsang, Simon T Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Varnado, Garry A Power Trans & Distr
Watson, Gerard Water Operations
Ybarra, David R Power Trans & Distr


In Memoriam: October-November 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of October 2020


Carl Fuerst, 63

Water Operations
Timothy J. Mills*, 63 Communication

David J. Almanzan*, 74


Power Construction & Maintenance

Eugene L. Button*, 73 Energy Distribution Supply
Reynaldo M. Cano, 87 PD&C
Kenneth L. Coleman*, 81 PO&M
Dave Davis, 84 PDD
Clifford J. Dunbar, 83 Real Estate
Wendy Fu, 63 ITS
David D. Henry, 79 External Generation
Charles W. Montoya, 83 Mkt. Plng. & Cust. Care
Harry A. Ortiz, 82 PSOM
Terence M. O’ Shaughnessy, 84 Water Engineering Design
Allen P. Pederson, 73 Bulk Power
David Pernell, 85 Human Resources
Frank Smith*, 88 General Services
Edwin Solomon, 82 PD&C
Hideki Tanaka, 77 PDD
Lillian M. Todoroki*, 90 PD&C
John W. Urban, 77 G.S. Admin. & Engr.
Jack L. Wilburn, 88 General Services

As of November 2020

Arturo W. Castro*, 77 Customer Service Division
William E. Coleman, 93 PD& C
Julio Coronado, 88 Stores
Francisco Cruz, 78 PSSD Communication
Charles R. Echols, 77 Fleet Services
Paul G. Fontes*, 92 General Services
Felipe P. Galang, Jr., 95 General Services
Solomon Galloway, Jr.*, 78 Energy Distribution Admin.
Henry Hatcher*, 83 General Services
Harold T. Kobata, 94 Water Engineering Design
Gerald M. Long, 90 PDD
James W. McDonald, 99 PDD
Mahrous A. Moustafa, 77 Energy Distribut ion Executive Office
Brian A. Olsen, 75 Power Transmission & Dist. Division
Gordon H. Pace, 90 PD&C
Robert Pagan, 82 Water Operating Division
Marshall E. Payne, 86 PD&C
Cheryl L. Power*, 67 Supply Chain Management
Armando P. Rios*, 77 Commercial Customer Service
Michael Sanchez, 65 Power Construction & Maintenance
Ernesto E. Sistona*, 91 Internal Audit
Robert A. Spease, 76 Energy Distribution Executive
Zdravko S. Velinov, 96 PD&C

*Late notice

Retirements: December 2020 – January 2021

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of December 2020

Allen, Robert A. Power Construction & Maintenance
Archibeque, Victoria M. Supply Chain Services
Conroy, Aidan J. ITS Division
Fraser, Brian W. Power Safety & Training
Hanna, Albair W. Energy Generation
Horton, Philip C. Security Services
Kimble, Jacqueline R. Customer Service Division
Leufroy, Steven P. Power Supply Operations
Lopez, Daniel R. Water Distribution
Lukjaniec, Jan Energy Resources
Lyons, Lisa J. Power Transmission & Distribution
McMenamin, Michael E. Clean Grid LA Strategy
Perez, Suzanne C. Accounting & Financial
Sinclair, Vanessa A. Supply Chain Services
Soriano, Edmund D External & Regulatory Affairs
Swanson, Eric S Power Transmission & Distribution
Wood, Anh T ITS Division
Ybarra, Irma External & Regulatory Affairs

As of January 2021

Catbagan, Samuel F. Power Transmission & Distribution
Chang, Flora Y. ITS Division
Knapp, David A. Power Construction & Maintenance
Maldonado, Juana C. Metering Services
Stiner Jr., Larry J. Customer Service Division
Wang, Paul T. Water Executive Office


Retirements: October-November 2020

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive  and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of October 2020
Arnold, Elizabeth Retirement Plan Office
Blustein, Daniel E. Office of Sustainability
Bock, Eric P. Aqueduct
Briones, Santiago G. Crfs & Env Chem Lab
Calderon, Abel G. Supply Chain Services
Castillo, George A. Energy Support Services
Chou, Irving P. JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Cruz, Daniel Power Trans & Distr
D’Oyen, Cheryl D. Customer Service Division
Evans, Kelvin E. Power Supply Operations
Gomez, Carlos A. JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Haerle Ii, David M. Power Const & Maint
Higginson, Theodore R. Power Supply Operations
Houser, Ken W. Power Supply Operations
Jeffery, Robin M. Power Trans & Distr
Jeffery, Tyrone G. Power Supply Operations
Keenan, Thomas M. Power Const & Maint
Lara, Paulet C. Its Division Office
Martin, Clarence E. Water Operations
Morgan, Rhonda S. JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Richardson, Charles W. Power Reg Comp & Specs
Samonas, Chris Power Trans & Distr
Shepard-Grimes, Karen D. Customer Service Division
Tam, Richard ITS Division Office
Woodard, James R. Water Executive
Yochim, Paul A. Power Supply Operations
As of November 2020
Aguila, Walter Fleet Services
Alcantara, Joann B. Customer Service Division
Andersen, Steven C. Power Const & Maint
Brown, Merrillee L. Labor Relations
Castaneda, James A. Water Operations
Conrad, Todd H. Power New Bus Dv & Tech App
Cortez, Carmen Power Trans & Distr
De Bow, Terri L. Pt&D Energy Distribution
Eagleson, Craig D. Fleet Services
Figley, Daniel J. Power Trans & Distr
Guzman, Rochelle Supply Chain Services
Kagan, Charles M. JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Long, Brian D. Power Const & Maint
Merenstein, Brett M. Power Trans & Distr
Saldivar, Eleuterio J. Water Distribution
Sharp, Samuel Power Trans & Distr
Slattery, Edward C. Power Trans & Distr
Taguchi, Roger K. Power Const & Maint
Torrez, Jesse A. Power Trans & Distr
Warren, Michelle L. Customer Service Division

In Memoriam: August-September 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of August 2020


Adriana B. Lopez, 57 MSFO Field Operations
Lahnaw Sandoke, 54 Power Supply Operations


Lonnie Bland, 88 General Services Fleet
Ernest W. Blank, 81 Energy Distribution
William E. Caipen, 102 Aqueduct Division
David R. Castillo, 69 Energy Distribution
George H. Claude, 96 PD&C Construction
Ronald F. Deaton, 77 General Manager’s Office
Frank Dobrovitz, 86 General Services
Richard P. Estanislao, 84 Facilities Maintenance
James R. Farrell, 96 PO&M
Jose B. Fuentes, 67 Fleet Services
Richard W. Jeffers,76 Integrated Support Services
Karl R. Jeske, 86 PO&M
Bevan D. Johnson, 81 Bulk Power
Randolph J. Leedom, 72 Water Distribution
Paul B. Mbanu, 66 FSO Accounting & Financial Reporting
James H. Moore, 85 General Services Division
Mark M. Nakamura, 91 PD&C
Richard D. Nebelsieck,81 Accounting
Gary T. Rose, 79 PD&C
Lucille J. Rowland, 91 Conservation & Planning
Catherine Saddler, 80 Water Operating Division
E.P. Scruggs, 98 Aqueduct
Erhad 0. Stocki, 85 Water Engineering
John M. Tanaka, 71 Facilities Maintenance
Manuel Traylor, 87 PO&M
Melvin Williams, 80 General Services Fleet
Jack H. Wilson, 95 PO&M
Kenneth M. Woods, 86 PDD

As of September 2020


Donald B. Olkie, 53 PCM General Construction


Jared Bennett, 83



Donald J. Bieme, 100 Water Operating
Ronnie M. Blue, 65 Water Distribution
Girard E. Broadhag, 81 General Services
Cipriano M. Camacho, 86 PO&M
Lewis D. Chidester, 101 PD&C
Alan G. Derlighter, 59 Power Supply Operations
Robert E. Gentner, 79 Power, Planning, Development & Engineering
Robert Gonzales, 96 PO&M
Charles L. Howard, 68 Water Distribution
Sherman James, 91 PDD
Mildred G. Jones, 87 Commercial
Marvin Kaul, 94 PD&C Construction
Joe Yamagawa, 97 Water Engineering Design


Retirements: August-September 2020

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive  and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of August 2020

Aguilar, Mauro Fleet Services
Algorri, Gregory P. Water Operations
Coons, Lenn E. Water Operations
Cordova, Gilbert I. Energy Support Services
Fierro, Humberto J. Power New Business Development
Garcia Jr, Fernando Security Services
Gaskins, Willie J. Information Technology Services
Goodwin, Mark L. Water Operations
Jackson, Gloria A. Human Resources
Kaufman, Kurt D. Power Construction and Maintenance
Madadi, Hengameh Z. Customer Service Division
Marton, Andrew J. Power Supply Operations
Mendez, Rebecca H. Human Resources
Moore, Michelle R. Metering Services
Mumford, Mike J Water Engineering
Nguyen, Andrew M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Norwood, Jeffery L. Power Supply Operations
Ohara, Irene Water Distribution
Pearce, John W. Power Construction and Maintenance
Ramirez, Rodolfo Supply Chain Services
Reinosa, Teresa L. Supply Chain Services
Rivo, Edmundo S. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Rodriguez, Maria E. Customer Service Division
Seaton, Steven L. Power Construction and Maintenance
Stevens, Eugene Power Construction and Maintenance
Topacio, Emerita M. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Zheng, Thao Accounting and Financial Services

As of September 2020

Anguiano, Pedro B. Metering Services
Aquino, Ulysses S. Power Supply Operations
Chwa, David K. Water Operations
Clark, Kenneth E. Power Supply Operations
De Allen, Monica D. Customer Service Division
De La Garza , Rafael L. JFB Facilities Management
Digirolamo, Erasmo A. Water Distribution
Dold, Randal P. Information Technology Services
Dominguez, Roberto Y. Power Supply Operations
Espino, Martha P. Accounting and Financial Reporting
Gove, Peter V. Information Technology Services
Hamilton Ii, Richard M. Crafts and Environmental Chem
Hughes, Marinetta S. Board Office
loka, Susan H. Human Resources
Leonard, Jack B. Power New Business
Levesque, James L. Information Technology Services
Lewis, Stephen Grant Metering Services
Liwag, Peter M. Power Construction and Maintenance
N’Namdi, Jabulani Power Transmission and Distribution
Otoshi, John T. Water Engineering
Payne, Lamar 0. Facilities Management
Reiner, Lee Fleet Services
Van Zant, Norman S. Information Technology Services



Retirements: April-May 2020

We extend our congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive  and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of April 2020

Adame, Mark S. Water Distribution
Avila, Esteban Power Supply Operations
Bejarano, Alejandro J. Metering Services
Brink, Donald A Power Construction and Maintenance
Chang, Monica L Water Distribution
Chen, William Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Darby-Rutland, Lucretia P. Customer Service Division
Deisch, Allen R. Water Distribution
Drew, Lonnie C. Information Technology Services
Estrella, Armando A. Power Transmission and Distribution
Foster, Daryl L. Power Transmission and Distribution
Gaw, Eddie K. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Giese, John E. Power External Energy Resources
Gore, Brian Information Technology Services
Gotauco, Zita C. Finance and Risk Control
Gray, Kelly W. Fleet Services
Gutierrez, Nicanor J. Power Transmission and Distribution
Hill, Lynda J. Customer Service Division
Hill-Akhigbe, Debra M. Customer Service Division
Hoffman, Richard H. Supply Chain Management
Hsu, Frank N. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Kochendarfer, Kenneth N. Power Transmission and Distribution
Lau, Chester M. Office of Sustainability
Lee, Morgan T. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Lopez, Ismael A. Supply Chain Services
Loveland, Gregory A. Water Operations
Lowe, Jerry R. Water Operations
Loya, Susan M. Power Supply Operations
Madison, Zara C. Customer Service Division
Maryanski, Richard L. Fleet Services
Mc Andrew, Edward F. Security Services
Mc Daniel, Phyllis A. Customer Service Division
Mcqueen, Danny L. Water Distribution
Migliaro, Joseph B. Water Operations
Morales, Olivia Human Resources
Moser, Christopher Metering Services
Murdock, Virginia H. Water Operations
Nadle, Terrence H. Water Operations
Ogata, Laurel M. Human Resources
Partida , Luis A. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Penalver, Francisco A. Integrated Support Services
Perez, Joel M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Reamey, Kenneth F. Energy Support Services
Robles, Crispino Power Construction and Maintenance
Romero, Ana R. Power Supply Operations
Rubin, Mark C. Retirement Plan Office
Saddler, Keith E. Water Distribution
Sanchez, Michael Integrated Support Services
Schiavo, David J. Water Distribution
Silic, Michael E. Power Construction and Maintenance
Skillens, Randy C. Power Supply Operations
Staffeldt, Troy A. Fleet Services
Surles, Rhonda M. Metering Services
Ta, Trung T. Power Construction and Maintenance
Tsai, Theresa C. Real Estate
Uribe, Bernardo Power Transmission and Distribution
Whitmore, Donald A. Supply Chain Services
Wicker, Claudette O. Customer Service Division

As of May 2020

Aros, James A. Metering Services
Babikian, Gabriel Water Operations
Bancale, Michael D. JFB Facilities Management
Carlos, Ferdinand C. Water Distribution
Catsoulas, Michael D. Power Construction and Maintenance
Chapman, Shawn D. Water Operations
Chiu, Sungly Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Clemens, David H. Power Construction and Maintenance
Coats, Aarne W. Water Operations
Constancio, Tina M. Customer Service Division
Corber, Randall E. Power Transmission and Distribution
Covington, Genela V. Metering Services
David, Jesus S. Metering Services
Devorss, Thayne B. Water Engineering
Gallegos, Marco G. Metering Services
Godoy, Thomas Supply Chain Services
Gomez, Douglas K. Power Transmission and Distribution
Gomez, John V. Supply Chain Services
Hamai, Gary A. Metering Services
Hour, Rom Power Construction and Maintenance
Huynh, Cecilia P. Water Operations
Huynh, Todd Water Distribution
Karr, Craig P. Metering Services
Kazman, Nisan H. Supply Chain Services
Lee, Henry C. Information Technology Services
Lewis, Cary T. Power Construction and Maintenance
Lockwood, Dirk B. Power Transmission and Distribution
Lopez, Martin Supply Chain Services
Lopez-Salvador, Juan J. Fleet Services
Luna, Gabriel C. Metering Services
Mc Neel, Tori S. Customer Services
Mcdevitt, James W. Power Construction and Maintenance
Mcmahon, Huong S. Power Supply Operations
Mendoza, Sergio Power Construction and Maintenance
Mosser, John L. Information Technology Services
Mosser, Maribelle S.. Corporate Safety and Environmental Services
O’Toole, Kevin J. Power Transmission and Distribution
Perez, Roberto Water Distribution
Petch, Wisarn Information Technology Services
Polnitz, Sylvia A. Power Construction and Maintenance
Quintero, Annette R. Power Construction and Maintenance
Raad, Antoine S. Power New Business Development
Ramirez, Gregory 0. Power Transmission and Distribution
Saboury, Massoud Real Estate
Sanchez, Eduardo M. JFB Facilities Management
Thompson, Dale I. Office of Sustainability
Ulibarri, Linda M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Underwood, Glenn C. Power Supply Operations
Vanderput, Dan P. Fleet Services
Warren, Sheldon J. JFB Facilities Management
Webb, Peter Water Distribution


In Memoriam: June-July 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of June 2020


Guillermo Barajas, Jr., 43


Supply Chain Services

Carol L. Bozigian, 69 Power Distribution
Phillip Bustamante, 91 Water Operating Division
Lenwood L. Colin*, 85 Power Distribution
Bruce M. Crerar, 84 Supply Chain Services
James E. Eifert, 90 Customer Service
George J. Friedman*, 92 Power Design and Construction
George F. Gale, Jr., 79 Electrical Substation Construction
Gary Hashimura*, 67 Power Transmission and Distribution
Brent E. Hollingworth*, 82 Power Operations and Maintenance
William Jedkins, 94 Human Resources
Ann M. Kauf*, 79 Customer Service
Bruce E. Kibbe, 90 Power Design and Construction
Arline Y. Lew, 78 Information Technology Services
Hsueh C. Liao*, 70 Energy Support Services
Shizue A. Okazaki, 95  Accounting
Sylvia Ortiz, 100  Customer Service – Commercial
Nobuso Ota*, 96 Power Design and Construction
Abel Owens, 88 General Services
Harmel S. Ranu, 76 Power Transmission and Distribution
Theodore B. Sayegh, 87 General Services
Robert Silverii, 88 General Services
Richard J. Skaggs, 68 Facilities Maintenance
Dennis I.Uyehara, 86 Power Design and Construction
Robert Wasdorp, 69 Power Operations and Maintenance
Kenneth D. Waugh, 92 Power Desugn and Construction
Dorothy Yamaguchi*, 103 Customer Service
Richard Zubiate, 81 Water  Operating Division

As of July 2020


Kevino J. Carpenter* 37


Water Distribution

Henry M. Aoki, 86 Power Design and Construction
Ronald C. Bourne, 75 Power Distribution
Jeffrey D. Childers, 71 Public Affairs
Daniel B. Connolly, 84 Power Operations and Maintenance
Simon J. Darensbourg, 67 Water Quality
Peter S. Jaskowiak*, 69 Power Supply Operations
Robert Kittner, 89 Power Support Services
David J. Kleindienst, 77 Power Support Services
John J. Kopernik, 73 General Services
Robert J. Landis, 86 Power Distribution
James Laros, 93 Human Resources
Sylvia Napolitana*, 80 Water Operating Division
Barbara S. Piper, 80 Customer Service
Irene P. Quevedo, 68 Customer Service
Neal L. Reynolds, 76 Power Distribution
Ichiro Sato*, 95 Management Information Services
Melvin L. Teter*, 73 Fleet Services
Donna P. Thornberry, 71 Water Quality
Tsutomu Umekubo, 89 Management Information Services
Gary H. Wong*, 87 PSSD Communication
Eric H. Zuniga, 80 General Services Fleet

*Late notice

In Memoriam: February-March 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of February 2020

Mohamed M. Abdel-Aal, 81 Energy Distribution Division
*Juan M. Arredondo, 89 Commercial Division
Joe L. Arellano, 67 Customer Service Division
Candelario Arriola, 94 Public Affairs
Boris A. Baydaline, 83 Power Design and Construction
Gloria F. Carone, 83 General Services
James P. Cooper, 95 Power Design and Construction
Mark G. Ehlers, 66 Water Distribution
Alfonso A. Estrada, 90 Energy Distribution
Thomas C. Hardman, 86 General Services
*Ronnie E. Haskell, 79 Power Operations and Maintenance
Jack H. Hooper, 99 General Services
Marie L. Hyatt, 94 Commercial
B. J. Kuykendall, 86 Power Operations and Maintenance
Leonard A. Lindenbaum, 96 Power Design and Construction
Bobby Logan, 82 Water Operating
Antonio E. Macaraeg, 84 Corporate Purchasing Services
Herbert T. Mack, 89 Power Operations and Maintenance
Robert B. Ross, 93 Energy Distribution
Charles S. Ward, 87 Conservation and Planning
Louis H. Winnard, 98 General Manager’s Office

*Late notice

As of March 2020

Sven J. Anderson, 93 Power Distribution
Dean R. Baquet, 86 Power Design and Construction
John Breaux, 72 Energy Distribution Administration
James 0. Briscoe, 99 Power Design and Construction
David M. Burke, 80 Power Design and Construction
Donald R. Cole, 89 Aqueduct
Richard E. Collins, 81 Power Design and Construction
John H. Colpitts, 93 Information Technology Services
Albert J. Culotta, 73 Power Transmission and Distribution
Charles M. Donaldson, 91 Conservation and Planning
Levio P. Donina, 95 Customer Service
Gerald M. Fancher, 78 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Barbara S. Fooks, 77 Information Technology Services
Daryl Grady, 83 General Services
Dorothy W. Hager, 91 Power Design and Construction
Yu Yu Hei, 81 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Bob S. Higa, 82 General Services Fleet
Terry K. Howe, 84 Power Design and Construction
James S. Ishiara, 78 Energy Distribution
Jay C. Kim, 84 Information Technology Services
Clarence R. Lindsey, 97 Power Operations and Maintenance
Robert F. M0rtensen, 84 General Services
Elliott J. Oliver, 67 Supply Chain Services
Edward P. O’Toole, 83 Integrated Support Services
Warren W. Polkinghorne, 74 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Charles K. Roth, 93 Power Operations and Maintenance
Harold G. Russ, 88 General Services
Joe G. Smith, 99 Power Design and Construction
*Raymond E. Smurr, 78 Water Operations
John M. St. Amant, 91 General Services
Jeny R. Thigpen, 80 Energy Distribution Administration
Lillian M. Thompson, 98 Power Operations and Maintenance
Matthew W. Weathington, 78 Water Services
Charles E. Whaiion, 79 Power Transmission and Distribution
*Paul A. Wight, 92 Power Distribution and Construction

*Late notice

Retirements: June-July 2020

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of June 2020

Allen, Christopher E. Water Operations
Anderson, Harold M. Power Supply Operations
Antonio, Manuel A. Power Supply Operations
Aragon, Richard A. Water Distribution
Ayers, Valerie L. Power Transmission and Distribution
Barnes, Daniel Z. Power Transmission and Distribution
Barraza, Steven Metering Services
Berry, Gladys D. Customer Service Division
Blanchfield, Thomas G. Power Safety and Training
Bolotsky, Larisa L. Energy Support Services
Bonich, Hector J. Metering Services
Branche, Eric G. Customer Service Division
Calderon, Lawrence M. Asset Management Services
Campen, David C. Power Supply Operations
Carillo, Marlo A. JFB Facilities Management
Carone, Anthony M. Integrated Support Svcs
Carter, Tijuana Power Transmission and Distribution
Castillo, Robert Business Support Services
Chan, Angela K. Water Distribution
Chavis, Edmund J. JFB Facilities Management
Clutario Jr, Pascual L. Power Supply Operations
David, Elizabeth P. Power Supply Operations
De Santos, Luis Supply Chain Services
De Vera, Rolando C. Power Supply Operations
Degarcia, Alma G. Water Executive
Dimacale, Joel A. Customer Services
Donabedian, Bruce R. Supply Chain Services
Ductoc, Carlos M. Metering Services
Fajack, Michael S. Water Engineering
Franco, Alfonso Supply Chain Services
Garcia, Edward D. Information Technology Services
Garcia, Jose C. Metering Services
Garcia, Margie A. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Gokbudak, Brent F. Marketing Director
Gomez, Gustavo Water Distribution
Gomez, Jacinto Water Distribution
Gonzales, Norma L. Human Resources
Gonzalez, Rosa M. Business Support Services
Graham, Norman W. Fleet Services
Green, Mark N. Power Construction and Maintenance
Hansen, Jeffrey S. Power Transmission and Distribution
Harries, Gary M. Power Supply Operations
Harwell, Glen D. Supply Chain Services
Haynes, Claudius Power Transmission and Distribution
Heitkemper, Joseph J. Power New Business Development
Hendricks, Gwendolyn Customer Service Division
Hidalgo, Alicia A. Supply Chain Services
Higa, Glenn H. Power Supply Operations
Holcombe, Lance T. Metering Services
Hollier, Phyllis G. Customer Service Division
Horton, Bruce L. Water Operations
Hsieh, Helena Information Technology Services
Hunt, David B. JFB Facilities Management
Ignacio, Jose B. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Jacquez, Manuel Public Affairs
James Iii, William M. Power Construction and Maintenance
Jeka, Roger A. Water Operations
Jimenez, Leticia C. Labor Relations
Kagawa, Patrick Metering Services
Kauppi, Barbara J. Water Operations
Kim, Alice E. Supply Chain Services
King, Dwight L. Power Supply Operations
Kinsey, Kenneth W. Information Technology Services
Kurowski, Michael R. Water Operations
Kwan, Tom C. Supply Chain Services
Laskowsky, Katherine B. Water Distribution
Leitch, Crawford J. Power Safety and Training
Leonardo, Adolfo U. Power Construction and Maintenance
Lopez. Jose R. JFB Facilities Management
Lopez, Ramiro L. JFB Facilities Management
Luna, Craig G. Real Estate
Lundquist, David L. Fleet Services
Maclaughlin, Ranol G. Fleet Services
Manigbas, Leo V. Power Supply Operations
Manookian, Nvart Information Technology Services
Marin, Robert A. Power Construction and Maintenance
Marroquin, Luis H. Power Construction and Maintenance
Marsh, Andre Security Services
Mccreary, Dwayne E. Information Technology Services
Merkin, Steven E. Metering Services
Micciche, Joseph M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Morris, Lendard N. Security Services
Mosley, Lillian L. Customer Billing
Navarro, Patricia T. Supply Chain Services
Okhanes, Bedros D. Human Resources
Ordono, Rodolfo R. Water Distribution
Orona, Michael E. Fleet Services
Panganiban, Oliver M. Water Distribution
Pantig, Yolanda S. Finance and Risk Control
Pantoja, Chris Metering Services
Pei, Wen Information Technology Services
Pereira, Laveria M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Pimentel, Noe Water Operations
Powell, Leland E. Water Operations
Quon, Wilson S. Customer Service Division
Rangel, Benito Water Distribution
Reveles, Thomas L. Water Distribution
Rice, Charles S. Power Construction and Maintenance
Ricks, Natalie J. Supply Chain Services
Roesch, Daniel J. Fleet Services
Roman, Luciano C. Information Technology Services
Roman, Rossana D. Power Supply Operations
Salazar, Porfirio Metering Services
Salazar, Randolph S. Water Operations
Sanchez, Karen Metering Services
Santistevan, Anthony P. Power Transmission and Distribution
Schacht, Phillip R. Energy Support Services
Seeley, Kenneth C. Power Construction and Maintenance
Shirado, Joyce General Manager’s Office
Silva, Robert P. Power Transmission and Distribution
Sotelo-Navarro, Jo-Del S. Business Support Services
Stallings, Wayne E. Supply Chain Services
Sterling, William N. Cpd Industrial Programs
Stones, Aleida L. Metering Services
Suthi, Soon Power Construction and Maintenance
Tadesse, Zenaye A. Power New Business Development
Tashiro, Lisa S. Public Affairs
Taylor, Larry D. Power Transmission and Distribution
Tham, Paul C. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Thompson, Judith M. Information Technology Services
Tsuda, Douglas S. Information Technology Services
Tsui, Ta C. Information Technology Services
Vu, Nam H. Water Engineering
Vuong, Tri V. Power Construction and Maintenance
Ward, Michael P. Fleet Services
Warren, William J. JFB Facilities Management
Wong, Danny W. Power Construction and Maintenance
Wong, Edward S. Water Distribution
Wright, Stephen C. Fleet Services
Zambory, John P. Water Operations
Zepeda, Ruben A. Water Distribution

As of July 2020

Adajar, Gilbert Power Supply Operations
Aguayo, Nathan Water Quality
Dobson, Kelly M. Information Technology Services
Gomez, Arturo Power Transmission and Distribution
Gonzalez, Daniel F. Water Distribution
Henry, William B. Metering Services
Howard, Charles L. Water Distribution
Kong, Chang C. Power New Business Development
Krick, Janet L. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Lee, Raymond J. Accounting and Financial Reporting
Lopez, David Water Distribution
Martinez, Xavier Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Merideth, Gregory C. JFB Facilities Management
O’Malley, John A. Power Construction and Engineering
Paramo, Alvaro B. Fleet Services
Phillips Jr, Paul P. Power Supply Operations
Quintal, Douglas K. Power Transmission and Distribution
Ramirez, Nick E. Water Distribution
Sanchez, Benito M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Saunders, Dane C. Water Distribution
Sirody , Robert Power Transmission and Distribution
Webb, Amy L. Water Engineering
Wilson, Leonard L.

Worgan, Paula N.

Energy Support Services

Customer Service Division

In Memoriam: April-May 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of April 2020

Allan D. Anderson, 90 Conservation and Planning
Walter H. Blank, 77 Electric Substation Construction
Vernon Bowman, 92 Power Design and Construction
*Arthur W. Calrow, 77 Fleet Services
Ronald E. Cornell, 70 Power Transmission and  Distribution
*James J. Dau, 91 Power Design and Construction
Samuel D. Drake, 82 General Services
Willie D. Knight, 76 Energy Distribution Supply
*John T. Lambert, 82 Energy Distribution Administration
*George R. Lear, 98 General Services
Peter G. Lee, 80 Energy Services Executive Office
Robert M. Lopez, 83 Power Operations and Maintenance
Harriet L. Mabon, 75 Customer Service
Vincent P. Martin, 84 E&OS Executive Office
*Mary L. McCoy, 87 Power Operations and Maintenance
Ned W. McElwain, 74 Water Distribution
Cornelius W. Nealy, 80 Power Distribution
*James R. Orosel, 76 Power Distribution
Edward A. Slattery, 99 City Attorney
Terry K. Takeda, 78 General Manager’s Office
Victor Vega, Jr., 87 Power Operation and Maintenance
*Hubert Wedlow, 85 Energy Distribution Division
Kurt J. Weingartner, 78 Water Supply
Juan M. Zurita, 77 General Services

As of May 2020

Kevork P. Armen, 74 Power Operation and Maintenance
*Margaret Arreola, 78 Accounting
*Leola I. Burke, 94 Customer Service
*Diane L. Cleary, 91 Power Distribution
David S.  Freeman, 94 General Manager’s Office
Joe G. Garcia, 102 Power Design and Construction
*Bonny R. Henderson, 71 General Services Fleet
Jess J. Herrera, 94 Power Design and Construction
Arthur F. Jones, 92 Energy Distribution Executive
 *Edson P. Jones, 92  Aqueduct
*Velma M. Moore, 86 City Attorney
Yoshiharu Nakamura, 84 Water Distribution
*Leo Nobles, 88 Management Service Division
*Donald S. Ordway, 62 Customer Service
Americo Pizzo, 100 Water Engineering Design
Odd Reiersen, 86 Power Distribution Division
Verne R. Reinmuth, 94 Power Operations and Maintenance
Richard A. Reyes, 91 Power Operations and Maintenance
Ruthie Russell, 84 Customer Service
*William E. Schnadt, 92 Customer Service
Stanley E. Smith, 76 Bulk Power
Gerald T. Strawn, 93 ESS Construction
James C. Stricklett, 88 Power Distribution Division
*Rose M. Tafoya, 95 Information Technology Services
Clarence Zurita, 88 Water Operating Division

*Late notice

Leaving Her Mark

Long-Time Water System Engineer Julie Spacht Reflects on 40 Years of Service

By Christina Holland

When Julie Spacht began her career with LADWP, she was the only female engineer in the Water System. Forty years later, more and more women are entering the workforce as engineers and the Department’s number of women engineers is now 230 strong. Early on, Julie made her mark and was soon tapped for recruiting duties. One of her more famous recruits is currently sitting at the helm of the Water System, Richard Harasick.

Before retiring in June 2019, Julie sat down with Intake to talk about an almost four-decade project (the Mulholland Pipeline Project), how the Water System has evolved, and how one assignment changed her view on the world.

Intake: We’d love to know about your background. Where did you go to school, what led you to LADWP and what was it like when you started?

I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where the Department was recruiting engineers. In fact, LADWP did quite a bit of Midwest recruiting. So there’s a whole cohort of Midwesterners who came to the Department within a two-year period: Susan Rowghani (retired), Steve Ott (retired), Bill Glauz (retired), Heidi Hiraoka, Penny Falcon (retired), and Terri Koch (retired).

I vividly remember my first day. I was hired as an LADWP civil engineering assistant, which was much better than being a Caltrans junior engineer. The two people I remember most specifically were Tom Rulla (retired waterworks engineer) and Bob Giles (retired senior waterworks engineer). Tom showed me how to navigate the freeways and Bob genuinely made me feel welcome. So I thought: I made it through the first day, I guess I can come back tomorrow.

Julie Spacht was the only engineer in the Water System when she began her career in February 1980. Photo by Art Mochizuki

Intake: I’m sure you’ve come in contact with many utilities in your career, what makes LADWP unique?

There are a number of things. One of them is the great feat of having a gravity-fed water system. That’s quite unique in the Water System – bringing water from Mono County all the way to the Harbor by gravity alone. It is the ultimate, carbon-free, no energy generation required, water supply delivery system that in fact, generates power on the way to the city.

Another thing that makes us very unique is the conservation ethic, not just with saving water, but with saving money. I am amazed at how penny pinching the Water System is, in every respect – ensuring that we don’t spend more money than we have to. And I don’t know that our customers know or realize that. There are lots of things we can do from a business perspective, that would make it easier for individuals personally and the Water System as a whole, but we choose to keep conservation as the focus. Take for example, the concept of a volumetric rate, and our investment in conservation devices and rebates. It would be easy to take another path and collect the revenue – letting our customers use more and pay more for their water.

A Water System employee has so much to be proud of; we provide one of the most essential elements in life. I have to say that in day-to-day operations I always had an opportunity to at least be heard. Often enough, I had a say in what was happening, which makes a job with the Department very gratifying. It goes back to the civil service concept – value for what you are doing and value for what the city gets.

Spacht with her Water System gal pals, from left: Penny Falcon (retired), Evelyn Cortez-Davis, Heidi Hiraoka, and Susan Rowghani (retired). Photo by Art Mochizuki

Intake: Can you tell us about some of your first projects? What are some of your favorite and most challenging projects?

I was assigned the Mulholland Pipeline and environmental documentation for the Corbin Water Tank. The four million gallon Corbin Tank was completed in 1987, but the Mulholland Pipeline was just completed a couple of years ago. I know that very specifically, because I went out to the job site and watched the guys put in the last piece or so. To actually get the Mulholland Pipeline done took a while as Water System projects were periodically re-prioritized. The 1991 earthquake, the growing need for water quality improvements, conservation, and the need for replacing existing infrastructure are all continuing priorities.  Situated in the Santa Monica Mountains, along scenic and heavily trafficked Mulholland Drive, the pipeline is over two and half miles long miles long and will serve a critical function by moving water from east to west or west to east as needed during emergencies. That’s what I worked on first and it was finally completed in 2016.

Throughout my career, I had some opportunities to work on many great projects such as the Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant (LAAFP), which was the big project for a whole generation. The generation before me had the second barrel, (the second L.A. Aqueduct). And then we worked on the filtration plant. That was 33 years ago but I know it specifically because my eldest daughter who just got married, was born the week they commissioned the plant. It’s so interesting to note that prior to LAAFP, the water was chlorinated, period. And we also had a fallout plan that dictated how we would operate the Water System in the event of a nuclear disaster. Now, our reservoirs are covered and everything that we do with our water (treatments and safeguards) is so much more extensive. It was a completely different time back then.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with the native tribes in the Owens Valley. It was different than engineering work, it was challenging, and it was rewarding in that it gave me a whole new way of looking at things. It’s the reason I didn’t retire in 2012. The tribal representatives that I worked with taught me so much and gave me a different way of looking at the world, at my own life, and how I fit in.

Intake: What advice did you get that you’d like to pass along to women entering the engineering field or starting their career at LADWP?

When I started, I was the only woman engineer in the Water System. And for the most part, I was just Julie – meaning I was treated individually and not as a woman engineer. Looking back, I appreciate the opportunity that let me do as I was able and to promote as quickly as anyone.

Something I would tell young women  is don’t take yourself so seriously, put your mind and effort towards what you want to accomplish and just do it. Being good at what you do at the Department will allow you to be quite successful. I also think it’s important to take an occasional but calculated risk. There is a distinction between risk and chance. Risk can be calculated and managed; chance is arbitrary. Take risks, not chances.

Expressing her fun side, Julie dressed up as “The Drop” for Halloween during one of the drought years. Photo by Carol Tucker

Intake: We see so many colorful retirement posters around JFB depicting a variety of interesting retirement plans. What will you miss most about the Department and how do you see life after LADWP?

The people, obviously. There are so many people who have given me opportunity, consideration and just listened somewhere along the way and all that adds up to the ability to be as successful as I’ve been. A while back I told Richard [Harasick] as long as I had interesting work and felt like I was making a contribution I didn’t see any reason for retiring. Now, with Susan [Rowghani] and Penny [Falcon] retired, it just wouldn’t be the same. So, after driving three hours a day for all these years, I think I’ve left at the right time.

Retirement will give me the chance to spend more time with the Court Appointed Special Advocate, (CASA) organization. We advocate for foster kids who go through a lot of change with different homes, schools, doctors, and social workers and we [CASA] are an important constant in their lives. I think back on all the opportunities that I’ve had and I just took it for granted that everyone had the same access. I’ve been very, very lucky throughout my career. With the foster youth, that is not the case. They do not have the connection and the support that you should have to be successful.