In Memoriam

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of July 2019

Richard E. Escamilla, 54 Power Construction and Maintenance
Yolanda Quezada, 71 Customer Service Division
Julius R. Rondez, 70 Information Technology Services
Luella Becken, 90 Water Operating Division
Diana M. Cates, 75 Customer Service Division
Herman A. Cuellar, 82 Power Design and Construction
Patrick J. Ennis, 83 Energy Distribution Supply
Ricardo Espinoza, 83 Stores
Charles Frazer, 84 Water Operating Division
Edith S. Furst, 90 Customer Service Division
Sheryl L. Gordon, 64 Engineering Services Division
James C. Greer, 86 Power Construction and Maintenance
Harry W. Helfrich, 85 Power Construction and Maintenance
Willie L. Jones, 72 Environmental Affairs
Cleophas McAlpin, 84 Power Design and Construction
Charles A. Palmersheim, 76 Energy Support Services
Pablo S. Poticar, 83 Power Construction and Maintenance
Michael G. Schindler, 93 General Services
Randall T. Swenson, 77 Water Resources – Aqueduct
Dolores M. Toscano, 74 Power Distribution
John K. Whitney, 74 Water Distribution
Lee R. Williams, 95 Water Operating Division