In Memoriam: April-May 2021

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download the latest monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of April 2021

Yat Chu Lai 61 Power Construction & Maintenance
Virgil D. Arciero 82 PD & C
David Berkholz* 83 Power Construction & Maintenance
Gary L. Camron 83 PDD
William Crooks, Jr. 93 Water Distribution
Williams R. Demus, Jr. 97 Water Operating Division
Edgar L. Doty* 93 PO & M
Salomon R. Federico 84 Central Repair/Fabrication
Katherine L. Fujii 76 Human Resources
Elliot K. Fujisaki 80 Customer Service
Shirley J. Gaskins* 66 Power Supply Operation
Herbert B. Gilbert 101 PD & C
Dan Gurstein 91 PD & C
Theodore R. Higginson 87 Power Supply Operation
Penny M. McMullen* 78 Commercial
Tony I. Morrison* 66 Power, Planning, Dev. & Eng.
Barbara M. Nagamine 85 Accounting
Rochelle E. Randall 71 Fleet Services
Wilma Scott* 88 ITS
Xavier Spichtig 92 Power Distribution Division
Wellington I. Tell 73 Customer Service Division
George Vance 94 General Services
Patrick P. Wong* 98 PD & C
Stanley D. Yarbrough 74 Water Engineering & Technical Services
John D. Yeats 80 General Services
John E. Young 78 General Services Shops

*Late Notice

 As of May 2021

Samantha O. Hanzy 40 Water Distribution
Frank D. Black 94 Power Operating & Maintenance Division
Imelda I. Comes* 79 Operations Support Services
Sukari S. Flournoy 74 Customer Service Division
Laurence B. Fox 74 PSOM
Hazel E. Gant* 73 Commercial Resource CTR
Norma L. Gonzales 61 Human Resources
Earl W. Harradine 94 PD&C
Jamie D. Heatherly 70 Power Supply Operation
Norman H. Kolodney 90 Stores
Johns Krystoff 86 PD&C
Henry Y. Nakamura* 88 General Services FMOC
Gilbert E. Sandoval* 79 PO&M
Lezar Saunders* 88 PDD
Jerome R. Soto* 93 Energy Distribution Business Unit
Edward I. Souza* 97 PDD
William H. Strawn 67 Fleet Services
Tylice C. Thomas 66 Customer Service Division
Godofredo S. Tolentino 72 Customer Service Division
Vrezh Toromanian 62 Water Distribution
Simione Tukia 84 Central Repair/Fabrication
John F. Tyndall* 83 PDD
Emmett N. Vaughn 89 Water Resources
Julius A. Ward* 80 Water Quality & Distribution
Byron Weinstein 96 Water Operating Division
Aaron C. Weston 63 Water Operations
Donald R. Williams 80 Bulk Power Division Services

*Late Notice