In Memoriam: August-September 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of August 2020


Adriana B. Lopez, 57 MSFO Field Operations
Lahnaw Sandoke, 54 Power Supply Operations


Lonnie Bland, 88 General Services Fleet
Ernest W. Blank, 81 Energy Distribution
William E. Caipen, 102 Aqueduct Division
David R. Castillo, 69 Energy Distribution
George H. Claude, 96 PD&C Construction
Ronald F. Deaton, 77 General Manager’s Office
Frank Dobrovitz, 86 General Services
Richard P. Estanislao, 84 Facilities Maintenance
James R. Farrell, 96 PO&M
Jose B. Fuentes, 67 Fleet Services
Richard W. Jeffers,76 Integrated Support Services
Karl R. Jeske, 86 PO&M
Bevan D. Johnson, 81 Bulk Power
Randolph J. Leedom, 72 Water Distribution
Paul B. Mbanu, 66 FSO Accounting & Financial Reporting
James H. Moore, 85 General Services Division
Mark M. Nakamura, 91 PD&C
Richard D. Nebelsieck,81 Accounting
Gary T. Rose, 79 PD&C
Lucille J. Rowland, 91 Conservation & Planning
Catherine Saddler, 80 Water Operating Division
E.P. Scruggs, 98 Aqueduct
Erhad 0. Stocki, 85 Water Engineering
John M. Tanaka, 71 Facilities Maintenance
Manuel Traylor, 87 PO&M
Melvin Williams, 80 General Services Fleet
Jack H. Wilson, 95 PO&M
Kenneth M. Woods, 86 PDD

As of September 2020


Donald B. Olkie, 53 PCM General Construction


Jared Bennett, 83



Donald J. Bieme, 100 Water Operating
Ronnie M. Blue, 65 Water Distribution
Girard E. Broadhag, 81 General Services
Cipriano M. Camacho, 86 PO&M
Lewis D. Chidester, 101 PD&C
Alan G. Derlighter, 59 Power Supply Operations
Robert E. Gentner, 79 Power, Planning, Development & Engineering
Robert Gonzales, 96 PO&M
Charles L. Howard, 68 Water Distribution
Sherman James, 91 PDD
Mildred G. Jones, 87 Commercial
Marvin Kaul, 94 PD&C Construction
Joe Yamagawa, 97 Water Engineering Design