In Memoriam: August-September 2021

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download the latest monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of August 2021

Juan V. Martinez 67 Power Construction & Maintenance
Joseph M. Medina* 67 Integrated Support Services
Talbert L. Adams 97 Water Operating Division
Elmer Art 88 General Services
Mary E. Burns 91 Commercial
Mary Cardona* 93 PDD
Marshall E. Coleman 92 Energy Distribution Administration
Thomas B. De Witt* 84 Safety, Health & Environment
Gabriel Delgado* 82 PDD
Kathleen Dougherty 74 Human Resources
Carl R. Eggers 88 PD&C
Arthur T. Ekman Jr. 79 Water Quality & Distribution Treatment
David H. Gale 79 Water Quality & Distribution Treatment
Rudolph Garcia* 88 General Services
Danny J. Garrett 66 Water Operations
Carl J. Gressman* 93 General Services
Walter M. Hodge 96 ITS
George B. Hurtado* 69 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Gerald T. King* 88 PSSD Communication
Nash H. Leon* 88 Water Operating Division
Thomas P. Maupin* 86 PO&M
Daniel C. Peterson 68 Power, Planning, Development & Engineering
Walter E. Schlicht 84 PDD
Douglas S. Tsuda* 68 ITSD Computer Operation
Rita C. Vasquez 81 Water Quality & Distribution Treatment
*Late Notice

As of September 2021

Joel Amador 65 Fleet Services
Rolando A. Apan 49 Power Supply Operation
Jose Guajardo 51 Security Services
Hope Heinlein 40 Fleet Services
Charles V. Jackson* 70 Security Services
Michael Lam 59 Power Construction & Maintenance
David B. Shepphird 68 Power Transmission & Distribution
Clayton H. Anderson 69 Water Operations
Emmett D. Bell 89 Water Operating Division
Donnie M. Body 83 Facilities Management
Michael J. Bonner 64 Water Distribution
Amilcar P. Caballero 92 Facilities Management
Rita Carranza 80 ITSD Computer Operation
Kathleen D. Cunningham* 78 Real Estate
James E. Denman 77 Energy Support Services
Richard F. Escamilla 67 Power Transmission & Distribution Division
Ronald E. Ford 71 Water Distribution
Cristina H. Garcia 72 Financial Services Executive
Mark D. Howard 69 Human Resources
Harley Y. Ito 99 PD&C
Byron E. Jones 85 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Emmett M. Knox Jr. 93 PD&C
Noli A. Legaspi 77 Power Supply Operation
Harold Lind* 85 Water Operating Division
Thomas J. McCarthy 74 PDD
Larry D. Mc Connell 67 Power Supply Operation
Larry A. Moore 71 Power Transmission & Distribution
Irene Navarro* 83 PDD
Raymond W. Riddle 77 ESS Gen. Const. CS Daily
Ronald W. Shaw* 88 PDD
John P. Stafford 80  

Energy Distribution Supply


David C. Taylor 74 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
John D. Vanderwal* 80 Fleet Services
Ira C. Weatherly 78 Distribution Support Services Group
*Late Notice