In Memoriam: December 2019 – January 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of December 2019

Arturo J. Aguilar, 94 Power Distribution and Construction
Duane L. Benson, 76 Supply Chain Services
John E. Blancett, 72 Corporate Services
Robert E. Brown, 80 Power Operation and Maintenance
Paul A. Bruns, 94 Water Engineering
James S. Burnh, 91 Power Distribution
Shirley A. Campbell, 69 Customer Service Division
Charles E. Carvin, 88 Aqueduct
David R. Childers, 77 Power  Distribution
George F. Cummings, 94 Power Operation and Maintenance
Gary M. Dobrenz, 73 Customer Service Division
Robert A. Emerson, 86 Power Distribution
David Esqueda, Sr., 86 Fleet Services
Renus Evans, 87 Facilities Management
Gary L. Hedges, 68 Fleet Services
Charles S. Hellman, 77 Bulk Power
Victor J. Hernandez, 89 Water Operating Division
Kenneth M. Houlette, 77 General Services Fleet
Edward E. Kato, 92 Power Distribution and Construction
Charlotte M. Katz, 94 Commercial Services
James E. Kennedy, 86 Power Distribution
Louis W. Kirkland, 72 Power Supply Operation
Rodney L. Madsen, 87 Water Operating
Jose A. Martinez, 94 Water Operating
Richard C. Nutting, 94 Power Operation and Maintenance
James E. Parker, 82 Power Distribution Division
Robert W. Pierce, 92 Power Operation and Maintenance
Marshall C. Rhynes, 83 Water Quality
Robert R. Riddle, 70 Substation Operations
Albert 0. Simon,78 Water Quality
Dorothy L. Stapp, 95 Aqueduct
Kevin D. Switzer, 56 Power Transmission and Distribution
L.G. Washington, 95 Water Operating
Robert L. Winkler, 83 General Services

As of January 2020

Robert T. Jones, 77 Supply Chain Services
Debra A. Mc Ghee, 61 Power Transmission and Distribution
Wanda J. Augustine, 71 Financial Services
Toney E. Bible, 69 Integrated Technology Services
Gary P. Brand, 70 Integrated Support Services
Cosme P. Carpio, 86 Power Distribution
Thomas E. Catero, 83 Power Operations and Maintenance
Walter W. Chun, 94 Power Design and Construction
Donna L. Elliott, 86 Customer Service Division
Harriet A. Ferree, 93 General Services
Ben E. Fong, 98 Integrated Technology Services
Carl R. Francen, 86 Power Design and Construction
Henry M. Gilbert, 85 General Services
Stewart L. Hunt, 88 Power Design and Construction
Kenneth D. Ivers, 83 Power Design and Construction
Dorothy R. Jensen, 88 Public Affairs
Charlotte Kemp, 89 Accounting
James M. Kirkland, 73 Integrated Support Services
Ana M. Madrigal, 89 City Attorney
Kenneth E. Melton, 86 Power Design and Construction
Melvin W. Minor, 65 Power Transmission and Distribution
Herbert L. Ott, 95 Power Operations and Maintenance
Richard A. Pederson, 91 Integrated Support Services
Richard D. Reynolds, 69 Water Quality
Robert N. Richardson, 79 Water Operating
Richard L. Wakeman, 87 Integrated Technology Services
Teruo Yamane, 88 Power Design and Construction
William E. Young, 83 Power Operations and Maintenance
Hong Y. Yu, 74 Retirement Office