In Memoriam: December 2020 – January 2021

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download the latest monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of December 2020

Mark Bennett 56 Fleet Services
Richard E. Caudillo 37 Office of Sustainability & Environ.
Lorenzo Jimenez, Jr. 41 Supply Chain Services
David A. Aubrey 67 Water Distribution
Paul Bozoian 92 Water Quality & Distribution
Betty J. Brown* 97 ITS
Lloyd E. Cheever 94 PD & C
Clarence I. Crabtree 85 General Services
Robert C. Davidson 74 External Generation
Manuel De La Rosa 89 PDD
Fernando Diaz 62 Support Services
John H. Gerster* 96 Conservation & Planning
Thomas J. Gordon 82 Energy Distribution Admin.
Randall Grisco 75 Water Quality & Distribution
Brian C. Hauser* 63 Power Construction & Maint.
Tokiko Hayata 97 Commercial
Carl R. Heinlein 89 Commercial
Kien T. Hoang 65 Water Engineering & Tech. Services
Joseph Holder* 96 PD & C
Lawrence Johnson 75 Materials Management & Logistics
James E. Murtha 99 Conservation & Planning
Emigdio N. Najera, Jr. 91 Conservation & Planning
Felix G. Ortega 88 General Services Fleet
Robert R. Reitmeyer 89 Conservation & Planning
Xavier R. Rodriguez 66 Water Distribution
James Schaeffing 100 Human Resources
Norman E. Strong 81 PDD
Donell C. Taylor* 87 Commercial
Norman Thomas 90 PD & C
Joseph E. Trujillo 68 Water Quality & Distribution
Nevenka Ubavich* 93 FSO
James E. Whitmore 77 Water Distribution

*Late Notice

As of January 2021

Jose Aguayo, Jr.* 62 Human Resources, Security Services
Manual J. Chavez 58 Facilities Management
Jane T. Gee* 63 Water Operations & Quality Division
Gregorio Gomez, Jr. 28 Human Resources
Richard D. Hayden 64 Power Supply Operation
Gilbert L. Miller 56 PCM – General Construction Section
Bayard S. Tsubaki, Jr. 61 Power Supply Operation
Tom S. Amimoto 79 Fleet Services
Delbert Beaudoin 75 Electrical Substations Business
Robert Besant 74 Power Transmission & Distribution Division
Stephen Blocksage* 72 Facilities Maintenance
Samuel H. Brock 95 PO&M
Lura Brown 91 PDD
Jesse E. Caldwell* 89 PDD
Maxwell D. Cooper* 91 ITS
George A. Delgado 63 Water Distribution
Doris E. Diamond 88 Customer Service
Janice M. Ervin 78 Customer Service Division
Samuel Everett, Jr. 82 PD&C Construction
Jaime Gabaldon 66 Engineering Services
John P. Gabbard 84 PO&M
Robert V. Guerra 82 Fleet Services
Faith W. Jobe* 86 General Services
Hector Larini 99 PDD
Kuno Lill* 88 Water Operating Division
Max W. Linz 90 Integrated Support Services
Harry Mackin 96 Water Operating Division
John Majdan* 85 PDD
Michael A. Mitchell 71 General Services FMOC
Hiroshi Nakanouchi 75 General Services
Gerald H. Parrett 78 ITS
Julian Patterson* 87 PD&M
Robert R. Ramirez 88 General Services
Angelito R. Reyes 80 Power Distribution Various
Iola F. Ritchey 98 Water Engineering Design
Michael A. Rubin 79 Water Distribution
Josephine L. Saleapaga* 74 Accounting
Paul S. Sato 86 Energy Distribution Administration
Leroy L. Simon 81 PDD
John J. Smith 73 Water Quality & Distribution Pumping
Judith L. Soule 73 Accounting
Mary Tejeda 90 Commercial
Pierce Watson* 70 Central Repair/Fabrication
*Late Notice