In Memoriam: February-March 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of February 2020

Mohamed M. Abdel-Aal, 81 Energy Distribution Division
*Juan M. Arredondo, 89 Commercial Division
Joe L. Arellano, 67 Customer Service Division
Candelario Arriola, 94 Public Affairs
Boris A. Baydaline, 83 Power Design and Construction
Gloria F. Carone, 83 General Services
James P. Cooper, 95 Power Design and Construction
Mark G. Ehlers, 66 Water Distribution
Alfonso A. Estrada, 90 Energy Distribution
Thomas C. Hardman, 86 General Services
*Ronnie E. Haskell, 79 Power Operations and Maintenance
Jack H. Hooper, 99 General Services
Marie L. Hyatt, 94 Commercial
B. J. Kuykendall, 86 Power Operations and Maintenance
Leonard A. Lindenbaum, 96 Power Design and Construction
Bobby Logan, 82 Water Operating
Antonio E. Macaraeg, 84 Corporate Purchasing Services
Herbert T. Mack, 89 Power Operations and Maintenance
Robert B. Ross, 93 Energy Distribution
Charles S. Ward, 87 Conservation and Planning
Louis H. Winnard, 98 General Manager’s Office

*Late notice

As of March 2020

Sven J. Anderson, 93 Power Distribution
Dean R. Baquet, 86 Power Design and Construction
John Breaux, 72 Energy Distribution Administration
James 0. Briscoe, 99 Power Design and Construction
David M. Burke, 80 Power Design and Construction
Donald R. Cole, 89 Aqueduct
Richard E. Collins, 81 Power Design and Construction
John H. Colpitts, 93 Information Technology Services
Albert J. Culotta, 73 Power Transmission and Distribution
Charles M. Donaldson, 91 Conservation and Planning
Levio P. Donina, 95 Customer Service
Gerald M. Fancher, 78 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Barbara S. Fooks, 77 Information Technology Services
Daryl Grady, 83 General Services
Dorothy W. Hager, 91 Power Design and Construction
Yu Yu Hei, 81 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Bob S. Higa, 82 General Services Fleet
Terry K. Howe, 84 Power Design and Construction
James S. Ishiara, 78 Energy Distribution
Jay C. Kim, 84 Information Technology Services
Clarence R. Lindsey, 97 Power Operations and Maintenance
Robert F. M0rtensen, 84 General Services
Elliott J. Oliver, 67 Supply Chain Services
Edward P. O’Toole, 83 Integrated Support Services
Warren W. Polkinghorne, 74 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Charles K. Roth, 93 Power Operations and Maintenance
Harold G. Russ, 88 General Services
Joe G. Smith, 99 Power Design and Construction
*Raymond E. Smurr, 78 Water Operations
John M. St. Amant, 91 General Services
Jeny R. Thigpen, 80 Energy Distribution Administration
Lillian M. Thompson, 98 Power Operations and Maintenance
Matthew W. Weathington, 78 Water Services
Charles E. Whaiion, 79 Power Transmission and Distribution
*Paul A. Wight, 92 Power Distribution and Construction

*Late notice