In Memoriam: February-March 2021

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download the latest monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of February 2021

Percy L. Hampton 61 Fleet Services
Phil T. Hanna III 65 Power Construction & Maintenance
Wai L. Lee 67 ITS Telecommunication
Edgar E. Lorenzo 56 Water Distribution
Edmund E. Villalobos 56 Central Repair & Fab. Services
Ignacio C. Andrade 62 Customer Service
Dorrance C. Bishop* 88 General Services Fleet
Louis C. Carter 91 Water Operating Division
William Chiong 75 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Irving P. Chou* 71 Facilities Management
Lawrence D. Christy* 88 PO&M
John E. Cleveland* 73 Commercial – Customer Service
Peter E. Cooke* 69 Power System Operations & Maintenance Div.
Claude T. Garrett 75 Water Supply
Elijah Gordon 80 Support Services
Thomas M. Grant 72 Water Distribution
Patrick F. Greene 93 PD&C
Abel Guardiola 81 ITSD Computer Operation
Dorothy M. Harkness 89 PD&C
Leroy C. Hogg 94 PD&C
George A. Irigoyen 69 Energy Distribution Station Maintenance
Robert B. Johnson* 82 PDD
Carl F. Jones 76  Fleet Services
James A. Kerns 86 General Services
Peter C. Lau* 67 Support Services
Stephen Manooshian 80 ITS
David L. Miller 80 Power Transmission & Distribution Division
Porter Mitchem 89 PDD
Dena H. Montecino* 77 PO&M
Nobuchi Nakayoshi 93 Stores
Floyd R. Olivier 88 PD&C Construction
Joe M. Ortega* 67 Water Distribution
Raymond E. Paulson 93 PO&M
Charles S. Reed* 93 PO&M
Bassar Richardson 96 Water Engineering Design
Harrison W. Riggs 91 ITS
Manolo C. Robles* 78 Financial Services
Ralph G. Salcido 70 Power Transmission & Distribution Division
Robert A. Tiritilli 83 PD&C
Francisca T. Torres* 77 Financial Services Executive
Sherry Travers* 64 Human Resources
Martin H. Villa 69 Customer Service Division
John H. Vogler 79 Customer Service
Joan Wight 88 General Services
Victor A. Yap* 68 Water Distribution

*Late Notice

As of March 2021

Rocco T. Capece 55 Supply Chain Services
Kittara Kongul 51 Power Construction & Maintenance
Peter Navarro* 67 PCM – General Construction Section
James C. Urcia 66 PCM – Central Rep. & Fab. Services
Robert Bobik 89 PD&C
Thomas A. Bove 89 PO&M
Abel M. Casas 84 Human Resources
Johnny W. Clark 82 Stories
Edward Conti* 87 General Services Shops
Mark S. Cox 69 Dist. Support Services Bus. Group
Rafael Diez* 59 Power Transmission & Dist. Division
Grant S. Fields* 78 Energy Distribution Supply
Joseph C. Frilot 73 Energy Support Services
Werner O. Fuchs 94 General Services
Adrian M. Ganier 88 General Services
Jack F. Hunter 93 PO&M
Roscoe H. Jones 97 PDD
Herbert A. Kawai 89 PD&C
Ira Kelly, Jr. 90 Water Operating Division
Edward H. Kossart* 86 Joint Venture Accounting
Robert J. Luce 74 Water Distribution
Dennis O. More 85 Central Repair/Fabrication
Elizabeth Muzquiz 83 ITS
Antonio Palacio 65 Water Quality & Distribution
Lavonne F. Patrick 69 FSO
Raul C. Perez 91 Water Engineering Design
Frank A. Rodriguez* 98 General Services
Reynaldo Samaniego, Jr. 64 Power Transmission & Dist. Div.
Nick J. Sladich, Jr. 96 Customer Services
David J. Snyder* 81 Energy Distribution Administration
David A. Trumpler 56 Power Construction & Maintenance
Romeo V. Viloria* 86 General Services
Marilyn Washington* 67 Supply Chain Management
Clinton L. Willingham 71 PO&M
*Late Notice