In Memoriam: October-November 2020

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of October 2020


Carl Fuerst, 63

Water Operations
Timothy J. Mills*, 63 Communication

David J. Almanzan*, 74


Power Construction & Maintenance

Eugene L. Button*, 73 Energy Distribution Supply
Reynaldo M. Cano, 87 PD&C
Kenneth L. Coleman*, 81 PO&M
Dave Davis, 84 PDD
Clifford J. Dunbar, 83 Real Estate
Wendy Fu, 63 ITS
David D. Henry, 79 External Generation
Charles W. Montoya, 83 Mkt. Plng. & Cust. Care
Harry A. Ortiz, 82 PSOM
Terence M. O’ Shaughnessy, 84 Water Engineering Design
Allen P. Pederson, 73 Bulk Power
David Pernell, 85 Human Resources
Frank Smith*, 88 General Services
Edwin Solomon, 82 PD&C
Hideki Tanaka, 77 PDD
Lillian M. Todoroki*, 90 PD&C
John W. Urban, 77 G.S. Admin. & Engr.
Jack L. Wilburn, 88 General Services

As of November 2020

Arturo W. Castro*, 77 Customer Service Division
William E. Coleman, 93 PD& C
Julio Coronado, 88 Stores
Francisco Cruz, 78 PSSD Communication
Charles R. Echols, 77 Fleet Services
Paul G. Fontes*, 92 General Services
Felipe P. Galang, Jr., 95 General Services
Solomon Galloway, Jr.*, 78 Energy Distribution Admin.
Henry Hatcher*, 83 General Services
Harold T. Kobata, 94 Water Engineering Design
Gerald M. Long, 90 PDD
James W. McDonald, 99 PDD
Mahrous A. Moustafa, 77 Energy Distribut ion Executive Office
Brian A. Olsen, 75 Power Transmission & Dist. Division
Gordon H. Pace, 90 PD&C
Robert Pagan, 82 Water Operating Division
Marshall E. Payne, 86 PD&C
Cheryl L. Power*, 67 Supply Chain Management
Armando P. Rios*, 77 Commercial Customer Service
Michael Sanchez, 65 Power Construction & Maintenance
Ernesto E. Sistona*, 91 Internal Audit
Robert A. Spease, 76 Energy Distribution Executive
Zdravko S. Velinov, 96 PD&C

*Late notice