In Memoriam: September-November 2019

LADWP extends its condolences to the families and friends of current and former employees who have recently passed.  Visit the Water and Power Retired Employees’ Retirement Plan website to view and download monthly notices of retirees and active employees who have passed away.

As of September 2019

Richard L. Abraham, 82 Energy Distribution Administration
Tomas E. Abutal, 85 Water Engineering and Technical  Services
Frank A. Auten, Jr., 94 General Services
John A. Balcer, 81 Power Operating and Maintenance
Helen D. Broge, 93 Power System Communication
Robert R. Cordova, 88 Watering Operating Division
Robert W. Cwialcala, 73 Fleet Services
Ada S. Franklin, 86 Commercial Services
Vivian Gadlin, 74 Commercial Services
Larry Gant, 79 Power Supply Operation
Lawrence L. Green, 83 Information Technology Services
Edith M. Hall, 87 Water Operating Division
James D. Henry, 88 Power Distribution and Construction
L. C. Kitchen, 97 Power Distribution Division
Nick J. Lodato, 90 General Services
Socorro R. Martinez, 83 Power Distribution Division
Lucy C. Matsuura, 68 Supply Chain Services
Richard E. Oakley, 84 Customer Service Division
Johnny L. Payne, 72 Energy Distribution Administration
Michael J. Wasco, Jr., 79 Power Distribution Division
Calvert G. White, 82 Aqueduct
Harold E. Wollam, 80 Power Distribution Division
Charles Zinger, 88 City Attorney

As of October 2019

Shigekazu S. Kakudo, 59 Chief Administrative Office
Kirk E. Strange, 60 Water  Operations and Quality Division
 Ruth 0. Baruth Lee, 96 Water Operating Division
John E. Baxter, 89 Aqueduct
Thomas V. Bottoms, 77 Facilities Management
James L. Byars, 89 Power Design and Construction
Joseph E. Cherry, 84 Power Construction  and Maintenance
Howard J. Christie, 97 Power Design and Construction
Mark C. DeBemardi, 68 Power Transmission  and  Distribution  Division
Thomas P. Duffy, 87 Water Operating Division
John E. Frias, 79 Fleet Services
Henrietta C. Gabaldon, 91 Power System Services
Kent E. Kline, 71 Energy Distribution
Inez J. Lewis, 97 Customer Service Division
Jeannette M. Lira, 69 Marketing and Customer Service
Gaetano K. Luisi, 88 Power Operation and Maintenance
Romelia Morales, 75 Energy Distribution Administration
Raymond L. Nelson, 88 Water Operating Division
Edmund T. Salcido, 77 Water Quality and Distribution
Alque Smith, 85 General Services Division
Benny H. Story, Jr., 91 Power Distribution
Leon L. Townsend, 89 Power Design and Construction
Dominic N. Tran, 89 Information Technology Service
Gloria J. Warren, 97 Land Division
Ronnie T. Washington, 74 Commercial Services

As of November 2019

John N. Rudek, 53 Supply Chain Services
Kenneth J. Salinas, 54 Power Construction and Maintenance
Don E. Vavra, 57 Human Resources / Security Services
Evelyn S. Berlant, 86 Commercial Services
Norma J. Bertrand, 84 Human Resources
Warren P. Charbonnet,74 Water Distribution
H.B. Clark, 90 Power Distribution
Glen C. DeLay, 90 Power Distribution
Bruce E. Dennis, 94 Commercial Services
Isidro D. Dojillo, Jr., 74 Power Construction and Maintenance
Marion L. Garrett, Jr., 64 Customer Service
Jonathan Huntley, 85 Power Distribution and Construction
Brent F. Kellerman, 68 Supply Chain Services
Chiaki Kobayashi, 92 Stores
Patricia A. McKee, 71 Customer Service
Gary M. Pintar, 71 Water Quality
Gleill1 E. Romine, 93 Water Operating Division
Kiyoshi E. Sakemi, 92 General Services
Marvin H. Scott, 88 General Services
Glen M. Singleton, 79 Power Construction and Maintenance
Alonzo Smith, 94 Water Operating
Leill1ox L. Taylor, 89 General Services
Henry C. Tensfeld, 94 Aqueduct Division
Thomas N. Woods, 76 Distribution Support Services