New Attic Insulation Rebate Helps Customers Save Energy and Money

By Albert Rodriguez

Continuing our mission of putting customers first, LADWP offers a new rebate program to help our customers save energy and reduce their electric bill.

In August 2018, LADWP and Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a five-year, $100 million attic insulation rebate program that will help Angelenos save about 80 percent of the cost of the materials and labor to install attic insulation, up to $1 per square foot. It is the latest addition to a roster of rebates offered through LADWP’s Consumer Rebate Program, which has invested nearly $531 million in energy savings since 2013. As of November 15, 2018, 499 applications for the attic insulation rebate program have been received.

The attic insulation rebate program is expected to help Angelenos save between $200 and $375 per year on their electric bills, or 15 to 30 percent in average annual cooling and heating expenses. Available to all LADWP customers in a detached single family or multi-residential home, such as a duplex, the rebate subsidizes the cost of materials and other expenses that are required to install the insulation. Insulation, especially in an attic, allows for cool air from an air conditioner to spread more evenly, keeping living environments cooler for longer periods of time. Insulation has the opposite effect in the winter by working to keep heat indoors. Participating homeowners can expect temperature fluctuations to drop to 3 degrees or less, resulting in reduced costs for air-conditioning or heating.

“Many of our customers overlook attic insulation as one of the easiest ways to save money on their electric bill. With this new rebate, we are making it more affordable for our customers to make their homes more energy efficient for years to come,” said LADWP General Manager David H. Wright. “We encourage all of our customers to explore this and the many other money-saving programs and rebates offered by LADWP.”

Eligible insulation types include blanket (batts and rolls), loose-fill, blown-in, attic-applied foam board or rigid foam, sprayed foam, and foamed-in-place insulation systems. Rebates are available to customers regardless of whether they hire a contractor or do it themselves.

Multiple LADWP personnel collaborated on the launch of the new rebate program. The Efficiency Solutions team within the Office of Sustainability developed the program’s financial and engineering parameters, such as rebate amounts, efficiency requirements and allowable insulation types. The Customer Service Division’s Customer Program Management team is implementing and managing the program. The Communications, Media and Community Affairs Division as well as the Marketing and Economic Development Division are working to promote the program to customers.

Since 2013, LADWP has made nearly $531 million in energy-saving investments through customer programs and rebates. Together, these investments have conserved 2,065 GWh of electricity, which is enough to power 345,000 homes for a year, and equivalent to removing 170,000 gasoline-fueled cars from our roads.

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(Photo by Chris Corsmeier)