Retirements: October 2019

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archiveĀ  and the latest month of retirement listings, visit theĀ Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

October 2019

Alexander, David F. Information Technology Services
Bridges, Montgomery A. Water Distribution
Collado, Renate B. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Congrove, Kathleen A. Water Quality
Cruz, Rolando Integrated Support Services
Davis, Damon C. Water Distribution
De Weese, Rex S. Integrated Support Services
Dominguez, Miguel Y. Power Transmission and Distribution
Gonzalez, Jaime H. Power Supply Operations
Hardy, Nancy A. Supply Chain Services
Haynes, Robin J. Customer Service Division
Hogan, Timothy M. Power Operating and Maintenance
Kung, Gregory K. Information Technology Services
Lim, George M. Water Engineering
Liu, Nelson Integrated Support Services
Lovato, Lawrence J. Integrated Support Services
Lukjaniec, Rhoda K. Supply Chain Services
Mitchell, Jeffrey C. Integrated Support Services
Munis, Michael E. Water Operations
Nesby, Brenda S. Accounting and Financial Reporting
Ramirez, Madeline R. Finance And Risk Control
Rangel, Raul Power Transmission and Distribution
Reyes, Yvonne M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Rios, Maria J. Business Support Services
Rugar, Paul J. Water Engineering
Sedwick-Griffin, Karen D. Water Distribution
Sherrill, Rebecca J. Power New Business
Silva, Enrique Customer Service Division
Smythe, Stephen M. Facilities Management / JFB
Sneed, Pamela D. Customer Service Division
Swinkles, Mark J. Water Distribution
Toledo, Henry E. Water Distribution
Wolf, Andrew W. Fleet Services
Wong, Raymond K. Retirement Plan Office
Yoshinaga, Bert M. Water Distribution