Retirements: April-May 2020

We extend our congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive  and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of April 2020

Adame, Mark S. Water Distribution
Avila, Esteban Power Supply Operations
Bejarano, Alejandro J. Metering Services
Brink, Donald A Power Construction and Maintenance
Chang, Monica L Water Distribution
Chen, William Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Darby-Rutland, Lucretia P. Customer Service Division
Deisch, Allen R. Water Distribution
Drew, Lonnie C. Information Technology Services
Estrella, Armando A. Power Transmission and Distribution
Foster, Daryl L. Power Transmission and Distribution
Gaw, Eddie K. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Giese, John E. Power External Energy Resources
Gore, Brian Information Technology Services
Gotauco, Zita C. Finance and Risk Control
Gray, Kelly W. Fleet Services
Gutierrez, Nicanor J. Power Transmission and Distribution
Hill, Lynda J. Customer Service Division
Hill-Akhigbe, Debra M. Customer Service Division
Hoffman, Richard H. Supply Chain Management
Hsu, Frank N. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Kochendarfer, Kenneth N. Power Transmission and Distribution
Lau, Chester M. Office of Sustainability
Lee, Morgan T. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Lopez, Ismael A. Supply Chain Services
Loveland, Gregory A. Water Operations
Lowe, Jerry R. Water Operations
Loya, Susan M. Power Supply Operations
Madison, Zara C. Customer Service Division
Maryanski, Richard L. Fleet Services
Mc Andrew, Edward F. Security Services
Mc Daniel, Phyllis A. Customer Service Division
Mcqueen, Danny L. Water Distribution
Migliaro, Joseph B. Water Operations
Morales, Olivia Human Resources
Moser, Christopher Metering Services
Murdock, Virginia H. Water Operations
Nadle, Terrence H. Water Operations
Ogata, Laurel M. Human Resources
Partida , Luis A. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Penalver, Francisco A. Integrated Support Services
Perez, Joel M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Reamey, Kenneth F. Energy Support Services
Robles, Crispino Power Construction and Maintenance
Romero, Ana R. Power Supply Operations
Rubin, Mark C. Retirement Plan Office
Saddler, Keith E. Water Distribution
Sanchez, Michael Integrated Support Services
Schiavo, David J. Water Distribution
Silic, Michael E. Power Construction and Maintenance
Skillens, Randy C. Power Supply Operations
Staffeldt, Troy A. Fleet Services
Surles, Rhonda M. Metering Services
Ta, Trung T. Power Construction and Maintenance
Tsai, Theresa C. Real Estate
Uribe, Bernardo Power Transmission and Distribution
Whitmore, Donald A. Supply Chain Services
Wicker, Claudette O. Customer Service Division

As of May 2020

Aros, James A. Metering Services
Babikian, Gabriel Water Operations
Bancale, Michael D. JFB Facilities Management
Carlos, Ferdinand C. Water Distribution
Catsoulas, Michael D. Power Construction and Maintenance
Chapman, Shawn D. Water Operations
Chiu, Sungly Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Clemens, David H. Power Construction and Maintenance
Coats, Aarne W. Water Operations
Constancio, Tina M. Customer Service Division
Corber, Randall E. Power Transmission and Distribution
Covington, Genela V. Metering Services
David, Jesus S. Metering Services
Devorss, Thayne B. Water Engineering
Gallegos, Marco G. Metering Services
Godoy, Thomas Supply Chain Services
Gomez, Douglas K. Power Transmission and Distribution
Gomez, John V. Supply Chain Services
Hamai, Gary A. Metering Services
Hour, Rom Power Construction and Maintenance
Huynh, Cecilia P. Water Operations
Huynh, Todd Water Distribution
Karr, Craig P. Metering Services
Kazman, Nisan H. Supply Chain Services
Lee, Henry C. Information Technology Services
Lewis, Cary T. Power Construction and Maintenance
Lockwood, Dirk B. Power Transmission and Distribution
Lopez, Martin Supply Chain Services
Lopez-Salvador, Juan J. Fleet Services
Luna, Gabriel C. Metering Services
Mc Neel, Tori S. Customer Services
Mcdevitt, James W. Power Construction and Maintenance
Mcmahon, Huong S. Power Supply Operations
Mendoza, Sergio Power Construction and Maintenance
Mosser, John L. Information Technology Services
Mosser, Maribelle S.. Corporate Safety and Environmental Services
O’Toole, Kevin J. Power Transmission and Distribution
Perez, Roberto Water Distribution
Petch, Wisarn Information Technology Services
Polnitz, Sylvia A. Power Construction and Maintenance
Quintero, Annette R. Power Construction and Maintenance
Raad, Antoine S. Power New Business Development
Ramirez, Gregory 0. Power Transmission and Distribution
Saboury, Massoud Real Estate
Sanchez, Eduardo M. JFB Facilities Management
Thompson, Dale I. Office of Sustainability
Ulibarri, Linda M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Underwood, Glenn C. Power Supply Operations
Vanderput, Dan P. Fleet Services
Warren, Sheldon J. JFB Facilities Management
Webb, Peter Water Distribution