Retirements: April-May 2021

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of April 2021

Anda, Robert Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Archibeque, Leonard L Power Trans & Distr
Balba, Ernesto C Power Trans & Distr
Edwards, Candace M Scenario Dev & Fin Planning
Finazzo, Steve A Power Trans & Distr
Fix, Michael L Fleet Services (OSS)
Gordon, Synthia S Customer Service Division
Grindle, Steve L Water Operations
Guzman, Benny Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Han, Kevin Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Hinojos, Linda M Customer Service Division
Hwang, Chia Y Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Kadera, Douglas R Enrgy Ctrl & Grid Reliab
Kauf, Jeffrey M Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Lacey, Clifford E Power Supply Operations
Lalicker, Russell S Water Operations
Le, Ro V Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Lenarczyk, Richard PT&D Energy Distribution
Lewis, Leon E Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Lopez, Ruben Fleet Services (OSS)
Lu, Cheh C Power Supply Operations
Lucero, Deborah G Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Mariglia, Dennis L Water Distribution
Pyle, Wesley H Power Supply Operations
Quan, Lou T Human Resources
Reynoso, Raymond Fleet Services (OSS)
Rodriguez, Amador B Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Rodriguez, Susan A Commission Office
Smissen, Ted A Power Trans & Distr
Smith, Walter E Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Starks, Percy Security Services
Tran, Hung D Scenario Dev & Fin Planning
Viduya, Leah P Human Resources
Wai, Winford L JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Williams, Donald Water Distribution

As of May 2021

Bales, Steven E Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Benson, Donna R Power Trans & Distr
Brown, Marcia F ITS Division Office
Candiotti, Ricardo A Water Distribution
Colon, Albert S ITS Division Office
Cornwell, Robert M Fleet Services (OSS)
Cunningham, Fred W Power Trans & Distr
Davenport, Mitchell D Power Const & Maint (PCM)
De Prez, Michael J Water Operations
Diaz, Roberto F Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Estrada, Eric E Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Flowers, Eddison Power Trans & Distr
Galvan, Cirilo Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Garcia, Samuel C Power Safety & Training
Giambalvo, Sherry E Acctg & Financial Rptg Bu
Grahek, Michael E Water Operations
Grove, Sharon B Customer Service Division
Hanson, Kirk R JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Hermosillo, Marco H Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Herrera, Martin V Supply Chain Services
Jimenez, Alejandro R Water Operations
Johnson, Paul D Power Trans & Distr
Kearney, Phillip J Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Kinney, Marvin E JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Lares-Legaspi, Laura Customer Service Division
Lennon, PaulR Energy Generation
Liu, Shi K Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Luna, Jesse D ITS Division Office
Magcamit, Edgardo P Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Petta, Laurence J Fleet Services (OSS)
Ramirez, Anthony R Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Reibsamen, Christopher J Fleet Services (OSS)
Rico, Alex R Customer Service Division
Rounds, Gary K Integrated Support Svcs (lss)
Saenz, Alfredo Water Distribution
Tang, Kenny Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Thompson, Gloria L Power Trans & Distr
Vuong, Angela ITS Division Office
Westbrook, Aaron J Power Supply Operations
Wong, William G Supply Chain Services
Zhao, Thomas C Water Operations