Retirements: February-March 2020

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive  and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of February 2020

Abram, Paul D. Power Construction and Maintenance
Almanza, Robert Water Distribution
Alonzo , Rita T. Materials Management
Amaro, John M. Business Support Services
Anderson, Alma D. Financial Services
Barnes, Rodney C. Water Engineering
Bednarski, John V. Water Resources
Bergerson, Robert L. Metering Services
Bhuiyan, Mukhlesur Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Blue, Robert B. Power Supply Operations
Brown, Joan M. Financial Services
Brown, Russell L. Power Supply Operations
Castillo, David Water Operations
Clark, Cherlyn J. Integrated Technology Services
Dailor, Thomas A. Water Quality
Fadakar, Shahram Water  Distribution
Featherston, Michael E. Power Construction and Maintenance
Flores, Ramon F. Water Distribution
Garcia, Alberto Power Transmission and Distribution
Garcia, Joseph M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Gavile, Fernando P. Customer Service Division
Giese, Jodean M. Office of Sustainability
Herriott Jr, William K. Power Transmission and Distribution
Hoglin, Glen A. Power Supply Operations
Howard, Pamela D Communications and Public Affairs
Howe, Steven L. Water Operations
Huang, Jacob Power Construction and Maintenance
Hunt, Herlinda Y. Office of City Attorney
Johnson , Donnie L. Power Transmission and Distribution
Kitching, Edward J. Water Distribution
Lacount Sr, Frankie M. Water Distribution
Lim, Sutoyo Water Engineering
Lontok, Ignacio Z. Water Distribution
Mc Allister-Phillipus, Ada F. Water Quality
Mc Knight, Caroline A. Human Resources
Miller Jr, George Water Quality
Mitchell, Brian K. Water Distribution
Moe, Frederick L. Integrated Technology Services
Naglich, Frank C. Office of Safety
Neff, James W. Water Engineering
Nerio, John M. Water Distribution
Nguyen, Can T. Power Supply Operations
Onishi, Eugene M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Orozco, David F. Power Transmission and Distribution
Paialii, Goddard L. Integrated Technology Services
Pody, Teresa M. Stores
Preciado, Frank M. Water Distribution
Resong, Joseph J. Water Distribution
Rocca, Joseph A. Power Construction and Maintenance
Rodriguez, Guillermo. Power Transmission and Distribution
Rollins, Brian S. Power Supply Operations
Singson, Michael J. Customer Service Division
Suh, Seong O. Power Transmission and Distribution
Timmons, Guy M. Fleet Services
Tomoling , Teresa A. Customer Service Division
Torres, Humberto V. Power Supply Operations

As of March 2020

Arora, Ved B. Power Transmission and Distribution
Avila, Joseph S. General Manager’s Office
Baluyot, Dennis E. Integrated Technology Services
Beatty, Anna E. Water Distribution
Botnick, Michael S. Integrated Technology Services
Buchanan, Lawrence K. Power Transmission and Distribution
Carandang, Raul L. Fleet Services
Carlos, Marinela P. Integrated Technology Services
Casey,Thomas F. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Clark, David E. Water Operations
Eder, Darrel M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Evans, Dorothy J. Customer Service Division
Evans, Percy Water Distribution
Farrell, Thomas M. Power Construction and Maintenance
Fisher, Gilbert Water Operations
Formanes, Ernesto 0. Integrated Technology Services
Frost, Steve D. Power Transmission and Distribution
Garcia, Marc D. Real Estate
Gonzalez, John A. Business Support Services
Graham, Lisa Y. Customer Service Division
Gutierrez, Camille Water Distribution
James, Brenda B. Customer Service Division
Jones, Timothy E. Water Operations
Keen, Donald A. Water Operations
Khemalaap, Suchitra Financial Services
Kitchens, Charles P. Fleet Services
Loy, Randall J. Power Transmission and Distribution
Luna, Frank A. Metering Services
Marlow, Charles R. Fleet Services
Myers, Randy D. Water Operations
Otero, Henry J. Water Distribution
Park, James K. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Payne, Ralph J. Power Supply Operations
Pelayo, Roman Fleet Services
Poole, Larry D. Customer Service Division
Posten, George J. Fleet Services
Reinosa, Adan Financial Services
Sandoval,Carmelina Human Resources
Sheldon, Thomas W. Power New Business
Strub, Robert H. Water Operations
Terry, Mike E. Power Transmission and Distribution
Trumpler, David A. Power Construction and Maintenance