Retirements: February-March 2021

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of February 2021

Abston, Robert W Power Supply Operations
Austin, Richard E Labor Relations (HR)
Bauman, Terri Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Black, Victoria E Customer Service Division
Brkic, Ferdo Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Brown, Darryl H Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Carivau, Jeff L Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Cheung, Daisy M General Manager’s Office
Finnigan, Michael J Fleet Services (OSS)
Gerrard, Christopher C Supply Chain Services
Gibbs, Gary G Its Division Office
Gillis, Paul R Water Engineering & Tech
Gray, Alison L Its Division Office
Hasan, Kenneth F Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Hidalgo, Frank J Fleet Services (OSS)
Johnson, Arthur D Power Trans & Distr
Kavounas, Peter Water Resources
Leflore, Patrice M Customer Service Division
Loper, John M Fleet Services (OSS)
Lopez, David G Water Distribution
Mascolo, Mario M Power Trans & Distr
Mcculloch, Daniel W Power Supply Operations Bu
Milton, Stephanie R Customer Service Division
Morales, Edmundo R Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Newlee, Chad E Power Safety & Training
Padovano, Georgienna D Security Services
Rapko, Darin M Power Trans & Distr
Ribelin, Robert E Power Supply Operations
Rodriguez, Jesus H Water Distribution
Romero-Fuentes , Sonia M Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
San Agustin, Oscar S Power Supply Operations
Shaw, Cynthia S ITS Division Office
Silva, Linda M Supply Chain Services
Singh, Leslie E Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Slatterbeck, Brian L Power Trans & Distr
Sullivan, Michael S Power Executive Office
Syed, Naimuddin Bulk Power Business Unit
Tiscareno, David Water Engineering & Tech
Tolentino, Hipolito N * Water Quality
Trammell, Craig D Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Trevino, Elizabeth A Human Resources
Walker, Belinda D DIVISION NAME
White, Brian A Water Quality
Woodson, Matthew R Energy Generation
Zigtema, Bruce E Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Zimmerman, James K Power Supply Operations

 As of March 2021

Abrahamson, Derek J Power Supply Operations
Adajar, Grace C Retirement Plan Office
Ancheta, Glecy T ITS Division Office
Anderson, Sheryl D Water Distribution
Autrey Jr., Benjamin L Water Distribution
Avila, Michael Water Distribution
Bell, Dwayne W Power Trans & Distr
Berkley, Cherrie L JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Broyard Sr, Kirk M Water Distribution
Bui, Gracela P Customer Service Division
Cayot, Fredrick L Water Distribution
Chenore, Carolyn E Customer Service Division
Congdon, Edward A Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Daughtry, David W Power Supply Operations
Dubriel, Mary J Customer Service Division
Fisher, Derrick S Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Gendjian, Hovhannes B Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Gonzalez, Jose A Power Trans & Distr
Grier, James R Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Hansen, Rolland M Power Trans & Distr
Harris, Evan D Power Safety & Training
Hilario, Elmer A Power Supply Operations
Holzschuh, Mark D Water Operations
Hsu, Chiun-Gwo S Water Resources
Ignacio, Mario C Finance and Risk Control
Kennedy, Mark A Water Distribution
Leonard, Deborah A Power Executive Office
Miguel, Edison V Power Supply Operations
Nagel, John B Power Trans & Distr
Otis, Michael M Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Pineda, Jorge L Water Operations
Primera, Javier F Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Rezamand, Mohammad Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Samaniego, Francisca I Customer Service Division
Seielstad, Michael G Fleet Services (OSS)
Trombley, David F Jfb/Facilities Mgmt
Tsang, Simon T Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Varnado, Garry A Power Trans & Distr
Watson, Gerard Water Operations
Ybarra, David R Power Trans & Distr