Retirements: June 2021

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of June 2021

Andrews, Stephen D Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Baker, Gillis Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Beech, Donald L Power Safety & Training
Bertram, Clark I Power Safety & Training
Borhaug, Philip Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Boyd, Donna K Human Resources
Bunn, Michael T Water Operations
Burgess, Ralph W Fleet Services (OSS)
Canzano, Vincent T Power Trans & Distr
Castaneda, Larry Power Trans & Distr
Casupang, Edward A Power Trans & Distr
Chu, Daniel W ITS Division Office
Cotangco, Edilberto R Water Operations
Dominguez, Jose A Pwr Ext Enrgy Resources
Duran, Daniel Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Galvez, Francisco Extnl&Regulatory Affairs
Garcia, Joe S Power Trans & Distr
Garin, Diosdado M Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Ginsburg, Richard P PTD Transmission & Distr
Griffin, David K Power Trans & Distr
Hamlett, Michael B Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Hanna, Troy S Power Trans & Distr
Hill, Debra D Customer Services
Holmes, Carl E Supply Chain Services
Honles, Thomas D Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Hough, Earl P Power Trans & Distr
Johnson, Antoinette R Customer Service Division
Kite, Joe P Supply Chain Services
Lopez, Joe L Water Distribution
Mendoza, Robert E Pwr Ping, Dev & Engrg Div
Monez, Mark S Power Trans & Distr
Moreno, George Water Operations
Murillo, Armando Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Nielsen, Stephen C Water Eng. & Tech Services
Nolke, Duane A Power Trans & Distr
Pawlikowski, Janusz W Crfs & Env Chem Lb (PCM)
Quintana, Catherine A Water Operations
Quintana, David Supply Chain Services
Rodriguez, Benjamin Power Trans & Distr
Salon, Rodolfo M Power Const & Maint (PCM)
Schram, Ronald E Power Trans & Distr
Scott, Jerry A Power Trans & Distr
Stawinski, Thomas E Pwr New Bus Dv & Tech App
Sternquist, Darlene M Extnl&Regulatory Affairs
Strauss, Christina I Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Takeuchi, Troy N Fleet Services (OSS)
Tirado, Robert Water Distribution
Traje, Arneldo S Power Supply Operations
Troschak, Gregory W Power Trans & Distr
Wagner, Gary J Power Trans & Distr
Washington, Carl D Water Engineering & Tech
Weinzierl, Andrew M Power Supply Operations
Wold, Edwin J Power Trans & Distr