Retirements: June-July 2020

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of June 2020

Allen, Christopher E. Water Operations
Anderson, Harold M. Power Supply Operations
Antonio, Manuel A. Power Supply Operations
Aragon, Richard A. Water Distribution
Ayers, Valerie L. Power Transmission and Distribution
Barnes, Daniel Z. Power Transmission and Distribution
Barraza, Steven Metering Services
Berry, Gladys D. Customer Service Division
Blanchfield, Thomas G. Power Safety and Training
Bolotsky, Larisa L. Energy Support Services
Bonich, Hector J. Metering Services
Branche, Eric G. Customer Service Division
Calderon, Lawrence M. Asset Management Services
Campen, David C. Power Supply Operations
Carillo, Marlo A. JFB Facilities Management
Carone, Anthony M. Integrated Support Svcs
Carter, Tijuana Power Transmission and Distribution
Castillo, Robert Business Support Services
Chan, Angela K. Water Distribution
Chavis, Edmund J. JFB Facilities Management
Clutario Jr, Pascual L. Power Supply Operations
David, Elizabeth P. Power Supply Operations
De Santos, Luis Supply Chain Services
De Vera, Rolando C. Power Supply Operations
Degarcia, Alma G. Water Executive
Dimacale, Joel A. Customer Services
Donabedian, Bruce R. Supply Chain Services
Ductoc, Carlos M. Metering Services
Fajack, Michael S. Water Engineering
Franco, Alfonso Supply Chain Services
Garcia, Edward D. Information Technology Services
Garcia, Jose C. Metering Services
Garcia, Margie A. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Gokbudak, Brent F. Marketing Director
Gomez, Gustavo Water Distribution
Gomez, Jacinto Water Distribution
Gonzales, Norma L. Human Resources
Gonzalez, Rosa M. Business Support Services
Graham, Norman W. Fleet Services
Green, Mark N. Power Construction and Maintenance
Hansen, Jeffrey S. Power Transmission and Distribution
Harries, Gary M. Power Supply Operations
Harwell, Glen D. Supply Chain Services
Haynes, Claudius Power Transmission and Distribution
Heitkemper, Joseph J. Power New Business Development
Hendricks, Gwendolyn Customer Service Division
Hidalgo, Alicia A. Supply Chain Services
Higa, Glenn H. Power Supply Operations
Holcombe, Lance T. Metering Services
Hollier, Phyllis G. Customer Service Division
Horton, Bruce L. Water Operations
Hsieh, Helena Information Technology Services
Hunt, David B. JFB Facilities Management
Ignacio, Jose B. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Jacquez, Manuel Public Affairs
James Iii, William M. Power Construction and Maintenance
Jeka, Roger A. Water Operations
Jimenez, Leticia C. Labor Relations
Kagawa, Patrick Metering Services
Kauppi, Barbara J. Water Operations
Kim, Alice E. Supply Chain Services
King, Dwight L. Power Supply Operations
Kinsey, Kenneth W. Information Technology Services
Kurowski, Michael R. Water Operations
Kwan, Tom C. Supply Chain Services
Laskowsky, Katherine B. Water Distribution
Leitch, Crawford J. Power Safety and Training
Leonardo, Adolfo U. Power Construction and Maintenance
Lopez. Jose R. JFB Facilities Management
Lopez, Ramiro L. JFB Facilities Management
Luna, Craig G. Real Estate
Lundquist, David L. Fleet Services
Maclaughlin, Ranol G. Fleet Services
Manigbas, Leo V. Power Supply Operations
Manookian, Nvart Information Technology Services
Marin, Robert A. Power Construction and Maintenance
Marroquin, Luis H. Power Construction and Maintenance
Marsh, Andre Security Services
Mccreary, Dwayne E. Information Technology Services
Merkin, Steven E. Metering Services
Micciche, Joseph M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Morris, Lendard N. Security Services
Mosley, Lillian L. Customer Billing
Navarro, Patricia T. Supply Chain Services
Okhanes, Bedros D. Human Resources
Ordono, Rodolfo R. Water Distribution
Orona, Michael E. Fleet Services
Panganiban, Oliver M. Water Distribution
Pantig, Yolanda S. Finance and Risk Control
Pantoja, Chris Metering Services
Pei, Wen Information Technology Services
Pereira, Laveria M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Pimentel, Noe Water Operations
Powell, Leland E. Water Operations
Quon, Wilson S. Customer Service Division
Rangel, Benito Water Distribution
Reveles, Thomas L. Water Distribution
Rice, Charles S. Power Construction and Maintenance
Ricks, Natalie J. Supply Chain Services
Roesch, Daniel J. Fleet Services
Roman, Luciano C. Information Technology Services
Roman, Rossana D. Power Supply Operations
Salazar, Porfirio Metering Services
Salazar, Randolph S. Water Operations
Sanchez, Karen Metering Services
Santistevan, Anthony P. Power Transmission and Distribution
Schacht, Phillip R. Energy Support Services
Seeley, Kenneth C. Power Construction and Maintenance
Shirado, Joyce General Manager’s Office
Silva, Robert P. Power Transmission and Distribution
Sotelo-Navarro, Jo-Del S. Business Support Services
Stallings, Wayne E. Supply Chain Services
Sterling, William N. Cpd Industrial Programs
Stones, Aleida L. Metering Services
Suthi, Soon Power Construction and Maintenance
Tadesse, Zenaye A. Power New Business Development
Tashiro, Lisa S. Public Affairs
Taylor, Larry D. Power Transmission and Distribution
Tham, Paul C. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Thompson, Judith M. Information Technology Services
Tsuda, Douglas S. Information Technology Services
Tsui, Ta C. Information Technology Services
Vu, Nam H. Water Engineering
Vuong, Tri V. Power Construction and Maintenance
Ward, Michael P. Fleet Services
Warren, William J. JFB Facilities Management
Wong, Danny W. Power Construction and Maintenance
Wong, Edward S. Water Distribution
Wright, Stephen C. Fleet Services
Zambory, John P. Water Operations
Zepeda, Ruben A. Water Distribution

As of July 2020

Adajar, Gilbert Power Supply Operations
Aguayo, Nathan Water Quality
Dobson, Kelly M. Information Technology Services
Gomez, Arturo Power Transmission and Distribution
Gonzalez, Daniel F. Water Distribution
Henry, William B. Metering Services
Howard, Charles L. Water Distribution
Kong, Chang C. Power New Business Development
Krick, Janet L. Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Lee, Raymond J. Accounting and Financial Reporting
Lopez, David Water Distribution
Martinez, Xavier Power Planning, Development and Engineering
Merideth, Gregory C. JFB Facilities Management
O’Malley, John A. Power Construction and Engineering
Paramo, Alvaro B. Fleet Services
Phillips Jr, Paul P. Power Supply Operations
Quintal, Douglas K. Power Transmission and Distribution
Ramirez, Nick E. Water Distribution
Sanchez, Benito M. Power Transmission and Distribution
Saunders, Dane C. Water Distribution
Sirody , Robert Power Transmission and Distribution
Webb, Amy L. Water Engineering
Wilson, Leonard L.

Worgan, Paula N.

Energy Support Services

Customer Service Division