Retirements: November-December 2021

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

November 2021

Barbula, Mark E Power Safety & Training
Duke, Dolores M Metering Srvcs & Field Oper
Garcia, Daniel Power Trans & Distr
Krikorian, Raffi K Energy Generation
Lopez, Gary L Power Supply Operations
Mosgrove, John R Power Const & Maint
Nakayoshi, Leona L Retirement Plan Office
Neal, David F Water Engineering & Tech
Nguyen, Vinh N Water Operations
Peralta, Deborah L Water Distribution
Percivalle, Paul M Water Operations
Platte, Stephen J Fleet Services
Thompson, Angela B Water Distribution

December 2021

Cortez, Gustavo Fleet Services (Oss)
Dehemmer, Richard D Power Trans & Distr
Dones, Raymond L Power Const & Maint (Pcm)
Estrada, Frank Fleet Services (Oss)
Gonzalez, Dionicio P JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Hall, Mario E ITS Division Office
Lympany, Richard A Power Trans & Distr
Martin, Booker T JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Mcmillan, Raoul L Supply Chain Services
Menzel, Scott D Water Operations
Neal Jr, Robert L Power Safety & Training
Pasillas, Carlos V Power Trans & Distr
Poelvoorde, Robert S Power Const & Maint (Pcm)
Rivera, Vincent Water Operations
Rodriguez, Humberto G Fleet Services (Oss)
Sanchez, Ruben T JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Solomon, William E Power Trans & Distr
Vazagov, Joseph J Power Const & Maint (Pcm)
Vogel, Barry J Security Services
Weber, Jan M Power Supply Operations