Retirements: October-November 2020

We extend sincere congratulations to all the employees who, after many years of dedicated service, are joining the ranks of LADWP retirees. For a complete archive  and the latest month of retirement listings, visit the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan website.

As of October 2020
Arnold, Elizabeth Retirement Plan Office
Blustein, Daniel E. Office of Sustainability
Bock, Eric P. Aqueduct
Briones, Santiago G. Crfs & Env Chem Lab
Calderon, Abel G. Supply Chain Services
Castillo, George A. Energy Support Services
Chou, Irving P. JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Cruz, Daniel Power Trans & Distr
D’Oyen, Cheryl D. Customer Service Division
Evans, Kelvin E. Power Supply Operations
Gomez, Carlos A. JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Haerle Ii, David M. Power Const & Maint
Higginson, Theodore R. Power Supply Operations
Houser, Ken W. Power Supply Operations
Jeffery, Robin M. Power Trans & Distr
Jeffery, Tyrone G. Power Supply Operations
Keenan, Thomas M. Power Const & Maint
Lara, Paulet C. Its Division Office
Martin, Clarence E. Water Operations
Morgan, Rhonda S. JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Richardson, Charles W. Power Reg Comp & Specs
Samonas, Chris Power Trans & Distr
Shepard-Grimes, Karen D. Customer Service Division
Tam, Richard ITS Division Office
Woodard, James R. Water Executive
Yochim, Paul A. Power Supply Operations
As of November 2020
Aguila, Walter Fleet Services
Alcantara, Joann B. Customer Service Division
Andersen, Steven C. Power Const & Maint
Brown, Merrillee L. Labor Relations
Castaneda, James A. Water Operations
Conrad, Todd H. Power New Bus Dv & Tech App
Cortez, Carmen Power Trans & Distr
De Bow, Terri L. Pt&D Energy Distribution
Eagleson, Craig D. Fleet Services
Figley, Daniel J. Power Trans & Distr
Guzman, Rochelle Supply Chain Services
Kagan, Charles M. JFB/Facilities Mgmt
Long, Brian D. Power Const & Maint
Merenstein, Brett M. Power Trans & Distr
Saldivar, Eleuterio J. Water Distribution
Sharp, Samuel Power Trans & Distr
Slattery, Edward C. Power Trans & Distr
Taguchi, Roger K. Power Const & Maint
Torrez, Jesse A. Power Trans & Distr
Warren, Michelle L. Customer Service Division